My magcon boy

I was about to open the door when Hayes turned me around and kissed me. This sounds so clique but I felt fireworks everywhere. We were kissing until we heard someone clear there throat. I broke the kiss and look up to see an angry looking Cameron. Well shit, I'm screwed. Wait no Hayes is.

Hayes Grier fanfic!
(This fanfic may contain cursing)


8. chapter 7 beach day

I woke up to beautiful blue eyes starting down at me. "Morning beautiful." "Morning but I'm not beautiful." "Yes you are and extremely gorges." I blushed like crazy and he kissed the top of my head. 'I love those blue eyes.' "Huh." He looks confused "What?" "You just said I love those blue eyes." Oh now he's just smirking. "Dang it I thought I said that in my head." He laughed and got up. "I think we should go down stairs I'm hungry." I laughed and got up. I just now noticed he wasn't wear a shirt. Lemme just say he got dem abs.

We went down stairs and ate breakfast. Cam and Nash were already down there watching Dora so everyone was up. After we finished it was 10:00. "So whatcha wanna do today?" I asked them standing in front of the tv. "Um... We could go to the beach." Hayes said stuffing his face with a pice of bacon. "Ok sure what do u guys think?" I looked at cam and Nash who were trying to look around me. "You guys can go were gonna watch the muppets after this. Now move your in the way." I laughed at Nash he was always like another older brother to me. Well they all are. Expect Hayes. That would just be weird. I moved over to wear Hayes is now sitting.

"So do you wanna go to the beach. Just the two of us." He nodded. "Ok I'll go get changed in my bathroom you can get changed in my bedroom." He nodded again following me upstairs.

I took my bathing suit and went into my bathroom. It's a royal blue bikini top and black bottoms. I slipped on a pair of white high wasted shorts and a dark purple crop top. I slipped on my black flip flops and knocked on my room door. "Come in."

I walk in and Hayes was sitting on my bed on his phone. "Hey I'm gonna start packing do you think I should make lunch or-" "nah it's ok I'll bring my money and will go out to lunch." "Ok." I started packing everything. Sunscreen, sunglasses,towels, umbrella, waters, and pretzels. Ok we're good. "Hayes are you ready to go?!" he ran down the stairs and slipped on the last step. I was on the floor laughing. "Hey it's not funny. My butt hurts." This made me crack up even more. He pouted then got up. "Can we just go?" He said making a pouty face "Yes mr pushy." I said pinching his cheek. He laughed then we left. Our house isn't to far from the beach so we just walked there.

I was walking next to Hayes when guys started whistling at me. They said stuff like 'hey hot stuff' or 'why you with that dude when you look like that?'. I saw Hayes jaw clench and he finally lashed back. "UNLESS YOU WANT MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS I SUGEST YOU STOP LOOKING AT HER!" They put there hands up in defeat and ran away. I started laughing historically and Hayes just smiled.

Hayes prov:

Those guys were such perves and I couldn't just let them hit on jenni like that. She's doesn't realize how perfect she is to us guys. That's why I'm going to make her mine. Tonight.

Hi guys I feel terrible I never update my fanfics. I'm so sorry I'll try to as much as I can! -panda luver

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