Forever(a niall fanfiction❤️)

This is my first fan fiction so don't judge if u have any ideas please tell me


3. strip paper Scissors

Ella's pov

I don't know should I move in with Niall "I don't know niall that's a big step and I'm only 16 and your only 17" I said "that doesn't matter" he said and he kissed me passionately and stood up and I wrapped my legs around his waist he carry me up the stairs to the Spare bedroom he pushed me against the bed and we continued are heated make out session

-skip to lunch

Me and Niall laid in the guest bed together "what should we do" "we could eat or we could play a game" "What kinda game" Niall said with a cheeky grin "strip paper scissors" I asked "hell yea"he screamed okay we played first I did rock he did Scissors he ripped off his jumper revelling his perfectly toned abs we played again I did scissors and he did paper he ripped off his pants "you know could of just took of your sock or something" "it's more fun this way" "okay" I replied he said "your turn " he said ripping off my shirt " now it's more fun" he said pushing me into a wall and kissing me passionately

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