Forever(a niall fanfiction❤️)

This is my first fan fiction so don't judge if u have any ideas please tell me


2. be mine??🌹

Niall's pov

I woke up beside Ella she was so cute when she was sleeping I got up and started making bacon and eggs cause I was starving "Niall" I heard Ella say loudly

"I'm in here el" i said she came in her hair was so messy but she was still the most beautiful girl in world "you look stunning" I said jokingly "shut up horan" she said "Ella I have a serious question"

"What is it niall" she asked "will you be my girlfriend" "no" she said my heart sank she lifted my chin and smashed her lips on mine "just kidding" she said and started kissing me again she pulled away and tears start to fall out off her eyes "what's wrong babe" I asked "it's nothing" she said "tell me" I said "well it's just that my mom kicked me out and lizzys moving to Spain I have nowhere to stay" "you can move to my flat" I said "really" she said "yes I'll help u pack and you can move in tomorrow"

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