Forever(a niall fanfiction❤️)

This is my first fan fiction so don't judge if u have any ideas please tell me


1. passed out😉

Ella's p.o.v

"Fine" I said running out the door lately my moms been really cranky she sometimes is such a bitch. I sat on the curb cause I had nowhere to go I passed out


I woke up to a blonde haired blue eyed Irish men "you okay " he said in a his beautiful Irish accent "yea I'm okay" he was so attractive

Niall's p.o.v

She's gorgeous she has brown hair brown eyes

"I'm Niall" I said as I helped her up "Ella" she said even her name was perfect

"Would happen to be free this Friday I'm having a party with a couple friends you should drop by" I said and wrote my number on her hand "text me" I shouted as I walked away she is so beautiful

... 3 hours later

I got a text


Me:who's this

Ella:it's Ella

Me:oh hi

Ella:so did you maybe wanna hang out sometime

Me:are you asking me out 😉

Ella:It depends did u want me to 💕

Me:I would love to how's tonight

Ella:pick me up at 7 ??

Niall: I'll be there

Ella's p.o.v

After I texted Niall i went to my friend lizzys house and had Shower I borrowed some shorts and a jumper lizzy curled my hair and did my makeup by the time I was done it was 645


It was seven thirty and he was still not here I was just about to go get changed when the door bell rang I went to the door it was Niall "where the hell were you" I shouted "I'm so sorry I had to set up something for are da.. I cut him off and smashed my lips on to his he kissed back passionately sparks flew I pulled back "shall we" he said as we walk towards his car he opened the passenger door and I got in he walked around to the drivers side I we went off

Skip drive

stopped at the top of a hill he got out and grabbed my hand and pulled me behind a tree and there were lights and a picnic there we sat down and talked about stupid stuff for hours and he drove me home he stayed the night and I fell asleep on his chest watching Disney movies

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