The First Human Mage, Twinblade

While my name my be Twinblade, my name is just a part of a legacy started long ago.


1. The White Haired Boy

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, man was not the dominate race on the face of planet.  No, it was the 6 Immortal Kingdoms that ruled the land.  Demons, Angels, Phoenixs, Dragons, Chaotics, and Shadows.  Each ruled by an eternal ruler of pure blooded dominance.  The Ragnus Family of Demons, the Seraph Family of Angels, the Pyre Family of Phoenixes, the Tyel Family of Dragons, the Bedlam Family of Chaotics, and the Roxio Family of Shadows.  But this story is not about them.  It's about a young boy who was born among men.  His name has been lost to the ages but his name is forever known as Twinblade.

Our story begins one day in the back ally of a populated human city.  A brown haired man strong build and scarred flesh suggested that he was a warrior while he talked to a beautiful young woman.  She was tall, deep green eyes, and tanned skin.  Her hair was bright white which she hid under a hood.  This was Vayel, the current Princess of Demons.  The man was Walsh a renown warrior and defender of man, as well as Vayel's secret lover.  He was urging her to come with him to the country side where no one can touch her or hurt her.  She was in tee twoars after disclosing to her lover that she was with child.  After hours of pleading and debating Vayel put her life in her lover's hands and escaped with him to the country evading her father's armies.  Hordes of demons could not the two lovers from escaping into mystery and myth.

Years later the two found refuge in a human farming village.  That day Welsh put down his sword and picked up a hoe and shovel and began a life as a farmer married to a withdrawn woman who can never be far from her home.  Together they had a young boy, and strong lad, who carried both his mothers white hair and beauty along with his fathers strong build and confident features.  The three were happy till one day human raiders, left desperate from the Immortal Kings hammering humans for money and land, came to the village to take every coin woman and child, but Welsh and a group of men defended the village but it costed the young man both of his parents.  And it was on this day that the boy earned the name Twinblade the Fierce as he picked up two bandit swords and cut down many a men.  After that day Twinblade decided to be the defender of his home and it was on that day his journey to be the icon of human strength began.

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