The First Human Mage, Twinblade

While my name my be Twinblade, my name is just a part of a legacy started long ago.


2. Start of a Journey

Twinblade walked out of his cabin stretching in the morning sun.  His water and fire tattoos danced across his arms as the magical rune like markings splayed from hand to shoulder.  He walked across the village his neighbors and friends.  

"Great Protector!" a dirty young boy ran up to him hold a stick, "Are we goanna play today?" Twinblade smiled and ruffled the boy's hair.

"Next time my boy, next time, I have to go and find some animals to trade with the merchants next week" he stood up and slung his swords Aqua and Pyro on his back and made his way to the wilderness.   The merchants pay a fortune for the animals Twinblade captures, skins, or kills. They were worth more alive, but it wasn't always easy.  The animals in the hostile region of his home were more aggressive and dangerous than most other animals across the world.  They were bigger, meaner, and even the herbivores could pass as predators.

He checked the traps but he caught nothing in them.  He sighed, no live trade today.  He stalked through the woods and he found tracks the size of his head.  A large predator, it wasn't something he recognized but he knew it was big, dangerous, but most of all rare.  Rare was good, they fetched for almost triple than almost all other animals in his region.  He followed the tracks to the lake.  And then he saw it, it was large, furry, long snout, sharp claws and fangs, fluffy tail, and gold eyes that matched his magically alter ones.  He drew his swords and approached carefully, whether or not it was intelligent it was yet to be seen.  It was drinking from the clear lake as he got closer.  It looked up at him and intently stared at his eyes and it squared off against him.  And snarled, it was deadly obviously but everything else about was a mystery, it was a wolf, or closely related to a wolf.  It lunged at him and he jump off to the side and a stream of a water hit it on it's side and knocked it into a tree.  He stalked up to it, and it got up and shook off the water and bark shards.  It let loose a powerful howl, Twinblade's eyes went wide it wasn't alone.

He quickly rushed the wolf as he dodged out of his way.  It was faster than it looked and sure enough more wolves made their way into the clearing.  "This isn't good" he thought to himself.  He weighted his options, if he ran they could follow him back to the village and slaughter everyone there, or he'd get lost and killed anyway.  If he fought and used his mage he could win but he'd destroy everything valuable bout the animals, he cursed out loud what was he to do.  

"STOP HE'S NOT HUMAN!!!" A voice rang out and the wolves stepped back as a black haired female stepped out into the clearing, she had sharp features almost bird like and pointed ears, Twinblade sheathed his swords as assessed the new situation "You're an elf..." the female smiled "And you're demon born".  Twinblade crossed his arms and analyzed her body, she was slender and pale, and about his height.  But he didn't let it deceive him he knew the tales of elves they may look frail but they were stronger, faster, and more magical than any human could ever be.  "What do you mean demon born?"  The elf snickered "Yes you're hair, your stance, your magic and your prowess isn't human so which was it your mother or father?"  

Twinblade thought back to his childhood, so many years since the raid so many memories.  "Which one?" he closed his eyes, his father he knew that part of his family well his father was a town guard up to the point he retired and left the city with his mother but his mother's side....she never spoke of.  "I guess my mother's side..."  The elf looked over Twinblade, he was obviously male and very well strongly built no doubt to his demonic blood.  The fire in his eyes matched the kindness in his voice.  His hair is what intrigued her the most though it was white, not many mortals have naturally white hair unless, "Your mother's name was Vayel wasn't it?" He went wide eyed as this stranger guessed his mother's name right "I can see I'm correct well she was the demon princess before her father disowned her for running off with a human man" Twinblade felt weak in the knees, his mother...a demon...and a princess to boot. The elf kept him on his feet, "follow me because I have a feeling you can be a great asset to the humans and magical beings alike"

Twinblade glared at the woman "What makes you think I'll follow you any where" on cue the wolves snarled "Okay point taken" He shook free of the elf and followed her deeper into the forest whatever awaited him he was ready for some answers.

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