Tay Tay <3

This story is about Taylor Caniff and this girl name Ashby. Taylor bullies her and she never knew why until now...


10. Chapter 8

e took me by the cheek and kissed me on the lips. It went on for two minutes, in sync, and then I pulled away. “Sorry Cam I can’t do this,” I told him. “I understand,” he told me. I nodded and started walking. “Wait Ash can I have your number?” he asked. I nodded and put my number in his phone. I waved and he did too. I finally got to my mom’s car and hopped in. When I got in I told her about Taylor and everything and then she hugged me. “It’s ok baby,” she told me. We finally got home and I had to get ready for school tomorrow. I had everything prepared and I went to bed. ~ Beep I heard my alarm clock wake me up. It was time for school. I got dressed and went out the door. I had to go on the bus because I didn’t get my oil change for my car yet. The bad thing was that Taylor rode this bus. I hopped on and sat down. Luckily I have like 10 friends in this neighborhood. It came to Taylor’s stop and he hopped on. He headed to the back but stopped when he saw me. He looked and told the person across from me to scoot over. I rolled my eyes and sat around in my seat. “Hey Amber. Can I please sit there?” he asked her. I shook my head no to her. Taylor kissed her on the lips and she smirked and moved. I looked at her like she was crazy but she left. SLUT. “What could you possibly want?” I asked him. “To talk,” he told me. “Not here,” I said and moved to another seat. Later that day after school I was doing my homework. I was home alone and heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs and opened that without seeing who it was. It was Taylor, I should’ve checked who it was. He came in and sat on my couch. “Babe look I’m sorry and I made a huge mistake. I don’t know I was pissed. I just want you to forgive me please babe,” he told me all in one breath. “Taylor I don’t know,” I told him. “I just don’t want to lose you Ashby,” he told me. I nodded and took a breathe. I didn’t want to hear all these excuses. I kind of wanted to be with Cam now. Taylor came up to me and pushed me on the wall. He kissed me on the neck and started grinding on me, I moaned. “Taylor,” I said. He took me upstairs and I laid on the bed and he came in between my legs. It felt so good when he moved me in circles, I moaned. “Baby,” I said wanting more. He took my pants off and my shirt. I took his off too. We were now really making out and I wanted more, I think he did too. He undid my bra. I laid back and let him. “Do you want me to enter you yet?” he asked me. I shook my head no. He nodded and continued to kiss me. “I really wanted to,” he told me. I smirked and put my clothes back on. “You’re beautiful Ashby,” he told me. “Thanks babe,” I responded. He nodded and put his clothes on too. We heard the front doorbell ring. I ran downstairs and opened it. It was Cam. “Oh hey,” I said kind of still wanting him. “You know you have a hickie right?” he asked me. I gasped and tried to hide it. “It’s cool,” he said taking my hand away. I smiled. “I wish I gave that to you. So did you and Tay makeup?” he asked. “Yeah we did and ok,” I told him while blushing on the last part. “I’m so sorry for putting you and Tay through that,” he told me. “It’s fine and thanks for saving me from a huge mistake,” I told him. He smiled and nodded. “Can we hang out?” he asked me. “Um sure like where and as friends?” I asked him. “Lets go and yeah as friends,” he told me. “Well I have to tell Taylor,” I told him. “Do you really think he will let you go with me?” he asked. “I don’t know but it’s a try,” I told him before going up the steps. I finally got to my room and opened the door. “Hey Taylor I’m going out with Cam I’ll be back later,” I told him before leaving. “Wait I don’t want you with him,” he told me. “If you let me go I’ll come home with something special for you,” I said winking. “Ok you got to promise,” he told me. “I promise I will but you gotta let me go,” I told him. “Ok, love you,” he said while pecking me on the lips. I kissed back and then I went down the steps. Cam was still there. “What did he say?” he asked impatiently. “He said I could go,” I told him. We got in his car and went to the mall.
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