Tay Tay <3

This story is about Taylor Caniff and this girl name Ashby. Taylor bullies her and she never knew why until now...


8. Chapter 6

Goodmorning babe,” I said. “Wanna go to Ihop?” he asked me. “Yeah sure,” was all I replied with. We got in the car and went to Ihop. I was a long way, but we finally got there. We got out and went inside. “I wanna go swimming,” I told Taylor. “Lets go,” he told me. “But I don’t have a swimming suit,” I whined to him. “But you have panties and a bra,” he told me while smirking and winking. I rolled my eyes and we left. I got my clothes off and jumped into the beach. Taylor’s P.O.V I saw Ashby in just her undergarments and I couldn’t help but stare. “What,” she asked me like I just saw a ghost. “Nothing babe you’re just so fucking sexy,” I told her. She smiled and ran into the water. As soon as she touched it, she came back out running. “What’s wrong?” I asked concerned like she was hurt. “The waters cold,” she told me. “Oh I thought something bad happened,” I told her. She rolled her eyes and went back in the water, slowly. I walked after her. “Babe you could just get on my back,” I told her while smiling of the idea of her on me. Wow the third time this week. “Ok,” she said jumping on. She hopped on and I held her legs. Damn they were so tanned and perfect. I kept rubbing them. “What are you doing babe?” she asked me. “Just observing your perfectness,” I told her. I could tell she smirked and that made my day. I was happy she was mine and only mine. I threw her in the water. “What the hell Taylor,” she said when she finally caught her breath. I laughed and she swam to surface. I finally caught up with her. “Babe why’d you swim away?” I asked her. “You threw me in the water. What else was I suppose to do?” she asked me. “Sorry babe. I just wanted to have fun,” he told me. “Yeah, well that wasn’t funny,” she told me. I smirked and sat next to her on the towel. “What do you want to do now?” I asked her. “Lets look at the stars,” she told me. I layed next to her and wrapped my arm around her neck. We looked at the stars and they were beautiful. They looked just like her. “Babe get on top of me,” I told her. “What not here!” she told me. “Just do it please,” I begged her with the puppy dog eyes and mouth.”Fine,” she said while yawning. She got on me and straddled my hip. “What?” she said. “Babe, your legs are sexy,” I told her. “And your abs are sexy,” she said. I held her waist and kept her on me. I got up a little and kissed her on the lips. I love her so much. She kept kissing me and we were now making out. We stopped because people started coming. “What’s going on?” she asked me. “I don’t know,” I told her. We walked down to where all the people where. There was lights and logs with a campfire. I think they were making smores. “Wanna join us?” a guy with brown hair asked us. After a while I noticed it was Cam. “Hey Cameron!” I said. “Shh, I don’t want any girls knowing that I’m here,” he explained. I nodded and sat next to him on the log. “So what have you and Ashby been up to?” he asked Ashby and I. “Nothing we went to a party yesterday,” I told him. “Oh I see,” he said while winking. I rolled my eyes. Ashby sat next to Matt. I knew Matt had a crush on her the first time they met, so I don’t want him next to her. I stood up and walked over to where they were. I put her on my lap and kissed her cheek. Matt looked all mad like he was going to do something. I mean she’s my girlfriend, not yours. I rubbed her legs, but then she moved my hands away because I think she got annoyed. She does get annoyed easily. We finally got done eating our s'mores and then Cameron insisted we played Truth or Dare. Ashby’s P.O.V Not this game again. They better not have me kissing someone. I don’t want to hear anything about Taylor and I doing something or any other guy here. “Ok, but I don’t want to be kissing anyone that I don’t like,” I told them. “Ok we promise not to do that,” they said in an unison.
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