Tay Tay <3

This story is about Taylor Caniff and this girl name Ashby. Taylor bullies her and she never knew why until now...


7. Chapter 4 & 5

Ashby’s P.O.V I knew I shouldn’t have continued that make out session he started, but he just felt so right. I couldn’t stop, plus I didn’t want to lose him, because to be honest, he was hot. It was Taylor’s parents at the front door. “Hello Mrs. Caniff and Mr.Caniff, I’m Ashby,” I said. “Oh hello dear, you’re very beautiful,” Mrs. Caniff told me. “Awl thank you,” I said while smiling. “Nice to meet you, Ashby,” Mr.Caniff said. “You too,” I said. “Want to go home now?” Taylor asked me. “Uh sure,” I said. He got his car keys and we headed out the door. I wondered if he was kind of sorry for almost taking me all the way on our first day of dating. If we were going to do that, he needs to get tested because all the girls he has done that to ain’t going to be pretty to me. We were at my house and I got out of the car. Taylor walked me to my porch. “Thanks for going on this date with me Ashby and for being my girlfriend,” he told me. “Yeah, no prob,” I told him. “Also I’m sorry for bullying you in the past, but now you understand why I did now right?” he asked me. “Of course and people make mistakes,” I said. He smiled and kissed me. I kissed back, but then my brother saw me. “Ew,” he said making the gross face. “I’m so tired,” Taylor said about to leave. “Oh okay,bye,” I said while waving. He waved back and smiled. His braces were so cute. I know they’re metal, but they looked cute on him. I went inside and of course my older brother had to be the detective and ask all these questions. “What,” I snapped to him. “Don’t get an attitude with me missy. Who was that guy?” he said pointing outside. “Oh, that’s just Taylor,” I said. “Your bully?” he asked. “Yeah he told me why he bullied me and I understood him and accepted his apology and now we’re dating, had our first date today,” I told him. “Oh, why did he bully you?” he asked curious. “Because he liked me and I didn’t notice,” I told him. “Well whatever as long as he isn’t hurting you,” he told me. “Yeah,” I said. “I don’t want you kissing him too much, I heard he goes too fast and gives it to girls like you” he told me. “What do you mean girls like me?” I asked. “Ashby if I wasn’t your brother or related to you, I would’ve asked you out along time ago,” he told me. I kind of smiled and blushed. “What do you mean?” I asked him. “I mean you’re like totally hot,” he told me. I kind of felt uncomfortable. I mean this was coming from my brother, who’s 21. Rapist alert, anyway he started to telling me that I needed to be careful. A long time ago this guy used me and I kind of gave it to him and I made the hugest mistake in my life. I can’t believe I did that. I felt so stupid. Well I am, anyway I think Taylor’s different and he will wait. I don’t think he will ever do that that to me. I was in my thoughts, but then my brother shook my arm. “Ashby did you hear me?” he asked. “Oh yeah, I’m sorry,” I told him. “Do you understand?” he asked me. “Yeah I do. I have to go take my shower,” I told him. He was kind of like every boy calling me hot and all, I don’t know if that’s true though. Chapter 5 pushed my thoughts away and texted Taylor because he texted me a while ago. Tay: Hey babe. Me: Oh hey. What’s up? And if you say the sky or anything up, I will kill you Tay: Lol and babysitting Me: Wow too shay Tay: Lol, I didn’t know you were that funny. Me: Yeah I am Tay: You free tomorrow? Me: I don’t know I think I have soccer practice and then I have a party and then I’m hanging with Grace because I promised her. Tay: Well I guess I just have to tag along with you guys. Me: Well u can come to my soccer practice and the party because I get an invite,but me and Grace need to talk about something very important. Tay: Ok, that’s fine babe. Next day~ Me: Ok, I’ll be ready in 10. Tay: Ok me 2 I placed my phone down and got dressed into this total cute outfit that I love. After I was completely dressed, I went outside and waited for Taylor. Until he came, I rocked in my rocking chair. The breeze was so comfortable, it felt like I was at the ocean. I kind of went to sleep bc Taylor was taking forever. “Ashby,” he said while waking me up. “Oh yeah sorry, I just got tired,” I told him. “It’s cool, are you ready?” he asked me. “Yep, let’s go,” I told him. I got in his car and we drove to my soccer practice. I was already in my uniform. I told him where to go. After an hour and a half of soccer, it was finally time for the party. We drove to the party and it was crazy. We went inside and stayed until 10 o’clock. Then it was time to go. I think Tay was totally drunk, so I just drove him back to his house. When we got inside no one was there. He smirked at me and pushed me on the couch. He was on top of me kissing me. “Baby you take control,” he told me. I did what I was told and straddled him. He held my back and didn’t let me go. He went down and started sucking on my neck. I moaned. “I love you baby,” he said in between breaths. “ I love you too,” I told him. He picked me up and took me to his room. “Now it’s my time to take over,” he told me. I bit my lip and I guess that was a turn on to him because he undid his belt and straddled me. I was laying down on the bed and he held my hands out. He kissed my neck and bit it. He left a hickie. Then he started to move on me, I liked it so much. I moaned while he said things in my ear and started cussing. He was about to take down my pants, he looked at me to see if I was fine with this. I shook my head to tell him no. “Babe we don’t have to go to fast,” I told him. “But Ashby,” he told me. “No Tay I’m not ready,” I told him. “Ok, but you said you gave it to someone else,” he told me whining. “Yeah, but that guy tricked me. Plus I really like you and I don’t want to ruin it,” I explained to him. He nodded and I got up. “Where are you going?” he asked me. “To watch Regular Show,” I told him. He grabbed me by the arm. “I want to watch it with you,” he told me. I pulled him up and we walked to the living room. I sat in between his legs and he rubbed my thighs. He kissed me on the cheek. I turned on Regular Show. We watched it until I fell to sleep. He woke me up so I could go to the bed. We walked in there and I laid in front of him. He held my waist while I slept. We both woke up in each others arms. “Hey babe,” he said in the morning.
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