Tay Tay <3

This story is about Taylor Caniff and this girl name Ashby. Taylor bullies her and she never knew why until now...


6. Chapter 3

Taylor’s P.O.V I think Ashby was mad at me so I think I will apologize. “Ashby are you mad at me?” I asked her. She shook her head. I think she might just feel uncomfortable around me. Who could blame her? “Ashby I’m sorry for saying that and freaking you out,” I finally said after the awkward silence. “Seriously it’s fine,” she said. “Ok I just wanted to say that. So do you wanna go home or to my house to play on the wii and meet my parents?” I asked. “Um, we can go to your place,” she said. “Ok,” I told her before driving off. When we finally got at my house, my parents weren't home. “Oh it looks like they’re not here,” I told her when we walked inside. “Awl, maybe we can meet them another time together,” I told her. “Yeah sure, if you wanna,” she said. “Meanwhile Ashby I would like to tell you something,” I told her. “Ok,” she said while sitting next to me on the couch. “I want to know if you can kind of be my girlfriend, if that’s not too much,” I said and she smiled. “Of course Taylor, I would love to be your girlfriend,” she said. “Really, yay?!” I said about to faint. “Yeah sure,” she said and I hugged her, she hugged back. “So Ashby, now that we’re dating, can we please kiss?” “Um sure,” she said. I leaned in, she did too. It came to the point where our lips were touching. She pecked it and was about to let go, but I ain’t going to let this sexy thing do that. I moved her to where she was straddling me on the hip. I didn’t let go of her waist. I needed her on top of me. I moved under her shirt but she made sure my hands stayed down. I reached her butt and held it. I put her hands on my abs and she squeezed them, I moaned. “Baby you’re so fucking hot,” I told her. She smiled in between and then there was a knock at the door and she jumped off. I went to go open the door. It was my parents. A/N I know this one was short but yea....
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