Crooked Young

School is done and college is starting. Austin Carlile and his little sister Grace move in to a dorm for a music college. Austin is in his second year and grace is just starting. On the first day of school grace is stuck next to a British kid who turns out to be her biggest pet peeve. Meanwhile austin and the British kid are best friends. What happens when Grace has to put up with this kid almost everyday?? Well if you want to know then read my story because well you can and it will be good!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA ha sorry...


4. Sleepwalking

I woke up to a soft knocking against our door. Alice was the first to get up. She walked softly in her slippers and wore her hair up in a bun. She was wearing short shorts and a tank. I had to admit she looked really pretty even when just waking up. Bitsy on there other hand just groaned and flipped the other way. I lauded still but watch the door from underneath my blanket.

"Hey is grace up?" I headed austin's girly voice speak quietly

Alice called my name softly to see if I was awake. Pretending to have just woken up, I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed.

"Hey Aus what's up?" I asked in my fake morning voice

Austin rolled his eyes knowing my little trick I used to do around the house

"it's like noon but tonight Alan wants to go out. All of us if that works for you all." He looked at me eagerly. I could tell he was just as excited as Alan was. Oh my children.

"I have a music theory class today at 2 but I'll come after. Alice can you come?" I spoke now in my regular voice sense Austin caught on quickly

"Yea I should be free. Tell me when we are heading out." She turned around and headed into the bathroom while picking up her phone first.

"I have to work but I'll come a little later. Mind if I bring a friend?" Bitsy spoke softly. I knew she was thinking about asking that hot Fuentes kid she told me all about when we first got here.

"Sure" I said with a wink, then I faced around towards my brother.

"So I guess we can come. I'll come to your room when we are ready.

"Awesome I'll tell Alan. Oh and dress up!" And with that, he headed out the door running like an immature boy. Oh wait he was. Knowing Alan we were probably going to some expensive fine dinning restaurant. That boy could eat and eat I swear. Dinners were weird with him because he didn't know how to keep his mouth shut no matter what the scenery was.

A/n I switched back to regular dialogue sooo enjoy kiddos

I walked back over to my bed area to get ready for the day. I slipped on a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and a panic at the disco shirt. I threw my hair into a semi knotted pony tail and went to my first class. Being new here I didn't know anyone so I just sat in the back of the room. Eventually people scattered the room and our teacher told us all to sit which I was doing already.

"Hello my name is Professor Quinn. Please take your seats and don't bother sitting next to someone you'll talk to. We are here to learn about music not the newest gossip." He spoke bravely like he had some sort of power. He was a teach so I guess he did somewhat, but to most kids like me it didn't mean much. He began teaching us and reviewing different music genres when a kid strolled into class late.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt I - um seemed to have lost my way but I was sent from another teacher." I heard as a British accent filled the room. God this couldn't be good. I looked up from my notebooks covered in sketches and turned my head to look at the brat. I had a feeling he would talk to me. He may of been annoying but he was also really good looking.

"Just take a sit please. You'll be excused since it's the first day" Mr Quinn spoke in an aggravated voice while staring at his desk.

The British kid I knew all too well scanned the room with his eyes. At an instant his eyes latched on to mine. I saw I brief smile and I turned around the other way.He was wearing a long sleeved red button up t shirt and black tie with long black skinny jeans. He looked nicely dressed, far too dressed up to be a student. He slipped past most of the desk and appeared beside Mr. Quinn. I saw then exchanging conversation and then he handed Oli a few worksheets and he headed out of the class room. Not before glancing at me. I thought about it briefly for a minute whether or not he was indeed actually a student here but I decided not to wreck my brain over it. He didn't seemed like too much of a bad kid though. I wouldn't mind hanging out with someone like him.

The class went by pretty quickly considering it was the first day so we only needed to take notes. My teacher was extremely boring but I couldn't help to think I would fail this class. I was good with music but I was a bad student in general. I acted out a lot maybe because of my sassy nature. Austin was used to seeing me do stupid things in class because he lived with me. By now it was about 3:10 so I decided to pack up before he dismissed our class.

"Students please don't gather your materials quiet yet and please be prepared for the end of class." Mr. Quinn spoke loudly capturing most of the class' attention while he looked back to me. I rolled my eyes and continued packing.

Sooner or later he dismissed us. And went back to grading papers on his old school wooden desk. I shuffled quickly outside the class room and pulled out my cell phone to contact Alan. I typed his familiar digits into my phone and listened to the ring.

"Grace my darling how are you??" She spoke in a posh accent trying to sound sophisticated, which the ginger was far from.

"What time are we meeting? I need to get dressed." I spoke to him disregarding his attempts to make me laugh.

"Change of plans... There's a huge campus party at this kids house so we are all meeting up there at 6." Alan told me sounding just as eager as I imagined him to be.

"You know I don't do parties Alan. I'm going to have to say no." I told him with a gently voice so I could practically see him pouting from the phone.

"B-" he began to speak but I cut him off.

"No buts Alan. Text me later." Then I put my phone inside my backpack.

I started to make my way over to the dorm sights and enjoyed the peaceful walk from campus to campus. It was fall time so the leaves were floating down the side walks. I didn't mind the breeze though, it was quiet beautiful. I finally got to the dorm rooms and walked up to my floor. I got my key out of my backpack and opened the door slowly. Bitsy and Alice were sitting on the beds talking about the party. Each of them dressed up and looked really pretty. Bitsy wore a black gothic dress with a shorter skirt. Alice wore leggings and a nice flowy blue blouse. She didn't seem much like the girly type. When I walked in they both looked like they were about to yell at me.

"I'm going to head on out so I can pick up mike. Alice you take care of her please and knock some sense into her." Bitsy said while grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

"What is it? Did I do something wrong?" Alice looked at me and sighed.

She walked into My closet and came out with some ridiculous outfit I would have never worn unless I was alone. She brought out a black mini skirt and a red shirt sleeved shirt with flower designs in it. She pushed her hand out towards me and suggested I try them on.

"I'm not going." I said loud and clear but she wasn't buying it.

"Go out these on first and tell me about it after." She said while urging me toward the bathroom door.

Ugh I groaned in frustration. I put on the skimpy outfit and tried to look at least some what nice. I combed out my blue knotted hair after removing the pony tail and started to straighten it. When I was finished I stepped out and she had me do a little turn.

"Gorgeous." she said while pushing me to the door.

"Alice- um I really don't think I should-" I tried to protest but she pushed me out the door and locked it.

She opened the door and tossed me some black pumps and my purse. I dug threw my purse and searched for my key which sadly wasn't there.

"Go have fun I'll meet you outside!" I heard Alice call to me from inside the door.

I started walking toward the elevator and pushed the lit up button. I stood there waiting for a few minutes until I felt a cold hand touch the back of my shoulder in attempt to spin me around. I faced the other direction and with no surprise I saw no other than Oliver.

"Hello I remember you from the plane ride am I correct?" He spoke with his strong accident that captivated my attention.

"Actually yes that was me. Sorry for being such a well umm bitch before. I'm usually not like that. I dunno I was stressed from the trip." I said but I had no idea where that came from. I though he was annoying but here I was practically giving my friendship to him.

"It's okay love. You must be a new teacher here am I correct?" He said while the elevator arrived and we stepped in together.

"Actually uh I'm a freshman." I looked at him a little surprised in the age he thought I was. He was still dressed classy but he was a little more casual now without the tie.

"Oh shit sorry. I thought you were a lot older. I actually just graduated here so I'm now applying to be a performance teacher here. I didn't mean to come on so strong." He spoke while trying to justify his attraction to me.

I think that's what he thought of me. That or I was extremely confident. I was usually a sassy type so I came on strong almost always. Now that I figured out e wasn't some annoying stalker I decided to relax and give him more of a chance.

"How old are you then?" I asked while pushing the button on the elevator to bring us down to the lobby.

"24. Well I just turned 24 actually. What about you" He said kind of nervous.

I could tell he was feeling awkward but I had a lot of confidence right about now. Oliver seemed annoying at first but I really liked this teacher figure I had of him wrapped in my head. I knew he must've liked me the way he was talking to me in the beginning so I decided to play it up a little.

"So what are you doing tonight Mr. Sykes?" I said while giving him a wink.

"I'm going to some collage party. I know it's not very professional of me but I wanted to go to one last one before I started my job." Oliver spoke while stepping out the the elevator with me.

"Great. That's exactly what I had in mind." I said while smiling at him.

I don't know why but I had a feeling this was going to be a great party.

A/n This was a longer chapter so don't expect all of them this length sorry about that. I hope you liked the chapter so far. Don't be afraid to comment and all that and you could message me if you want. I'm trying to go back to each of my stories and update frequently since I spend most of my time on here ha. Before this gets another longer I'll stop..

<3 Emily

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