Crooked Young

School is done and college is starting. Austin Carlile and his little sister Grace move in to a dorm for a music college. Austin is in his second year and grace is just starting. On the first day of school grace is stuck next to a British kid who turns out to be her biggest pet peeve. Meanwhile austin and the British kid are best friends. What happens when Grace has to put up with this kid almost everyday?? Well if you want to know then read my story because well you can and it will be good!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA ha sorry...


3. Go To Hell For Heavens Sake

Grace pov

"Alan you son of an ass I swear"

Alan: what did I do?!?

Grace: dunno

Austin: yea Alan

Alan: Jesus...

I made the way into my new collage. Austin was right behind me as well and ugh Alan. We checked into the main desk and they checked off each of our names. My dorm number was 16 so I grabbed my things and made my way there, leaving Austin and Alan behind. I knocked three times on the door Til someone on the other side turned the knob.

Grace: umm hi....

I walked into the room quickly and found the unoccupied bed. The room was an organized space Except one bed. Both girls were about my age and height but I was the shortest of the three. One girl was the tallest of us and had medium length pink hair. She had brown eyes and a beanie on her head. She was on the messy bed that was cluttered with things. Both of her head phones were in, probably blasting some underground punk band. She had a nose stud and comfortable clothes on. Next was the girl who had opened the door for me. She was absolutely beautiful. Her natural highlighted brown hair was past her ribs. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a dark grey sweater on. She had gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and a perfect structure. I put my things under my bed and sat down quickly. The one on the bed was totally zoned out, paying attention to only her phone. The other girl came over to me and introduced herself.

"Hey my name is Alice! It's great to meet you."

She held her hand out and I shook it gently.

Alice: that's bitsy over there. Her real name is something else but she said just call her that.

Grace: umm great. My name is grace and this is my first year.

She returned over to her bed and we all sat quietly. The room was quite spacious. There was two bathrooms, 3 beds, a kitchen, and washer and dryer , and lastly a computer area (thank god). Bitsy had finally sit up and came over to me.

Bitsy: sup punk.

Grace: Ello?

She quickly turned towards the door and said

Bitsy: I gotta go see a friend. I'll be back. Nice meeting you.

She stepped out and it was just me and Alice. She came over and sat on my bed.

Alice: tell me about yourself darling.

Grace: well....

And that's how we spent my first night.

Austin pov!!!

Austin: Alan Alan Alan!!!! We have a room together bitch!

Alan: dear lord. Okay Austin in very happy.

We walked towards our room together and stepped inside. Just two bed. Thank god we don't have to share our room with some weirdo. Well I mean Alan's already here for that job.

Austin: hey Alan which bed do you call? I say left for me

Alan: hmmph then I get right suck it!

We unpacked and lazily sat around waiting for something interesting to happen.

Alan: you're boring. Let's go out tonight with grace and her friends please oh pleeeeasseeeeeee!!!!

Austin: Alan no we start class tomorrow idiot. How about tomorrow night okay?

Alan: you never let me do anything!!!

Alan stomped around like the sassy kid he is. He turned to face me and kicked me in the leg.

Austin: boy you best get back over here!!!!

Alan faced the opposite direction and sprinted out the door. What a strange kid....

Grace pov

The next morning was pretty chill as was last night. Alice and I became really close from staying up and talking all night. Bitsy came home pretty late and joined in too. I learned a lot about them. Bitsy was majoring an art and worked at a cafe during most days. She had a pretty big family that lived a ways away.

Alice was majoring in photography and she seemed really good at it too. She showed me pictures she had took like this one where she got her parents to hold hands and she made it beautiful for their anniversary <3 she told me she had a sister and her family lived pretty far. She worked at a coffee shop nearby on weekdays. Both of them were very very cool and I loved hanging out with them. Hopefully this year will be as amazing as its seemed it would be.


Omg sorry I suck at updating :( well expect ones more frequently because I'm ready to continue my stories. For now at least... As usual comment if you have ideas and I'll dedicate the chapter to you. I should be updating my other story too because inspiration yay!!! Love you guys<3


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