Crooked Young

School is done and college is starting. Austin Carlile and his little sister Grace move in to a dorm for a music college. Austin is in his second year and grace is just starting. On the first day of school grace is stuck next to a British kid who turns out to be her biggest pet peeve. Meanwhile austin and the British kid are best friends. What happens when Grace has to put up with this kid almost everyday?? Well if you want to know then read my story because well you can and it will be good!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA ha sorry...


2. dont go

As the flight continued I became more anxious as the plane got higher and higher. I always lived roller coaster and such but planes got me nervous with all the crashes I had heard about. Austin knew about my anxiety when it came to stuff like this and being the big brother he is he liked to tease me about it.

"Grace you know anyone of these people in hear could mess with the plane any any moment and drop there we go" Austin began to chuckle at his own jokes.

And then Alan joined in.

"Hey austin we should go distract the pilot !!!"

"Great plan ashby!!!"

"Guys seriously stop it's not funny"

I retorted with anger growing in me.

Then Alan thought it would be funny to pick me up and run with me around the plane when the flight attendant left.


"Nope nope nope nope nope!!!"

Then desperately I kicked Alan in the side causing him to fall as well as I but I caught myself slightly better.

"I'm not sitting with any if you ! "

Alan made his way back to his seat with my brother, both of them laughing tere asses off and I began to look around for open seats.

"Excuse me miss , but you have to sit down right now this isn't safe" the flight attendant explained to me in the monotone voice she could. I began to make my way back to my seat but the lady told me I had to just sit in the nearest seat. Sighting in disbelief I sat down next to "him".

"Ello miss!! I never did get your name."

"Yea so let's keep it that way." I responded showing little interest i. The small talk convosation he was trying to start for what ever reason.

"Ok.... Then. HEY YOU. "

Mos of the plane turned around but oli got the contact of the one person he was looking for.


"Ayyy what is it?!??"

Alan screeched acrossed the plane to talk with oli.

" What's this ones name?"

He asked in all seriousness.

"Alan I swear you say even just the first letter and we are done. Done forever. No hugs. Nothing not even xbox parties."

I told him so this brittish stalker won't try to follow me or look me up on the internet.

"Well hug and xbox parties are great so I will not tell him grace"


"I'm sorry I'm sorry it slipped!!!"


I mumbled pissed because of Alan.

"Ehh so its grace huh?"

"Yea sure now you know my name. good for you"

"Ooh sassy one aren't you"

He said in his cheesy brittish accent. Was that supposed to be an insult because I was literally known as a sass master. Like more than Gerard way sass master.

I just rolled my eyes and continued to stare in the aisle as to avoid contact with him. And his cute brittish accent. Not cute im mean stupid yea thats what. Damn I need to stop talking to myself .

"So love, would you like to play a game because we still have another 4 hours so you cant ignore me forever"

"Oh really want a bet?"

"Nope just a game"

"Fine if I play will you stop bugging me!!"

"Sure its a deal."

Bitsy pov

(OMG new character guys!!!)

I had just settled down in my new dorm that I would have to share with some girl i dont even know. Unpacking was horrible considering I had to pack EVERYTHING. My "roommate" said she would be here in an hour so I decided to claim my bed as soon as possible taking the one on the right.

I went into the kitchen to get me some food because thats the type of person I am. I took out some snacks I could eat while scrolling on tumblr. I grabbed a chair from the kitchen and brought it over to the desk . Pulling out my laptop i quickly logged in and my door bell went off.

I stepped lazily over to my door expecting my room mate which I. Was so excited to meet (not).

She was probably some arrogant girl that only loves mainstream crap.

Where as I was a pop punk type of kid. I never called myself that but I was always labeled as that all through out high school. Right before a opened the door I pulled up my knotted hair into a sloppy ponytail.

This I regretted when I realized the person I opened the door to wasnt my room mate.

It wasn't a girl

It was a dude

The dude.

Long hair to his shoulders.

Beanie on head.

Vic fuentes.

The most popular kid in our grade.

Vic and I had been in the same high school and I was pretty shocker when I found out he was going here. Currently I'm in my second year and I have known him for and we were best friends in middle school but in high school we faded and hardly talked. He was the definition cool and could talk to almost everyone. No.


He was constantly doing that hair flip thing because of the way his hair landed perfectly on his face. I had always wanted to talk to him agian but I never had the chance. I regret not doing that because then I would have at least known him more this year.

" Hey Bitsy!! right?"

"Yea. We went to the same high school. And middle school. We used to hang out all the time. Vic right?"

"Yup. I saw you in the building and I wanted to talk to a familiar face."

"Awesome. I'd love to hang out agian considering I dont know anyone even though it's my second year"

I said with a chuckle making fun of my own antisocial ness. I invited him in and we spend over an hour just getting know each other. We talked about anything and everything. Almost as if we had known each other forever.

"Hey it was great talking to you but my brother is out side waiting to come get me since it's almost 6.'"

I nodded and walked him over to the door to find his brother.

Mike fuentes.

I had always had a slight attraction to his brother since he was the perfect type. Vic was like a best friend to me an he was always there for me but his brother was.


Mike fuentes the younger brother.

I opened the door and exchanged numbers with vic. I waved good bye to him.

And his attractive brother mike.


Graces pov

It was bearing the end of the plane ride and oli was getting on my last nerves. He kept asking me questions were as all I wanted to do was sleep.

I put my head in his should and Everytime he talked I said shut up shut up until he got the hint and finally stopped talking.

The flight attendant called out the end of the plane ride. I quickly went back to austin and Alan without a good bye to oliver.

"Ugh carlile... see the things you make me do?!?!"

"Looks to me like you were having fun cuddling mystery boy."

Alan chimed in. I really didn't need this right now so I went to the airport and began to go to the luggage port.

I waited for a little until I found my familiar blue and black suit case come around.

I reached out to grabbed it but another hand stopped mine. It was tattooed and a manly hand.

Guess who.

No other then...

The squidgy living austin.

We slowly grabbed our thugs and took a taxi to the college. Leaving behind my thoughts of that annoying boy I hoped to never see again. While austin and Alan bugged me about him the whole cab ride. What was his name?

Oh yea.


I hope to never see him ever EVER agian.

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