Crooked Young

School is done and college is starting. Austin Carlile and his little sister Grace move in to a dorm for a music college. Austin is in his second year and grace is just starting. On the first day of school grace is stuck next to a British kid who turns out to be her biggest pet peeve. Meanwhile austin and the British kid are best friends. What happens when Grace has to put up with this kid almost everyday?? Well if you want to know then read my story because well you can and it will be good!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA ha sorry...


1. and the snakes start to sing

Well hello this is my second fan fic and this one is a Oliver Sykes one :3 so sorry I hardly update my other one i an busy with guitar and soccer and school. But today I will add this chapter and hopefully a second one. Well enjoy

Chapter 1 (Grace pov)

As if high school was bad enough... Now college is starting. My brother, Austin, and I are attending a music college. I love music but I have to take English , math , and Chorus. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Grace and I am about to start fresh man year in school or should I say hell. I hated my high school because it was full if ignorant kids who were more stuck up than my brother himself. Just kidding I love austin. Him and I have always been close. He helped me through a lot and was always there for me and I hope he could say the same about me for him. I finished packing up my millions of clothing items that would be needed for my trip. The school was all the way in California and I'm leaving from Florida. Austin and I were about to leave but I was finishing packing up. I sprinted down the stairs after tying my aqua blue hair back into a sloppy bun. My black v neck and jean shorts were enough for the hour long trip. I slid on my red vans with black laces and started out on my journey from my apartment to the car garage.

"Hey Grace! ready to get on the road" Austin said as he threw the too familiar colorful squid at my head. Being the ninja that I am, I managed to catch it while throwing my junk in the back seat. "Aussie why do we have to go through this every time I get in this freaking car?!?" I half screamed half whispered at my older brother.

" Why dont you love squidgy?!? He loves you. He even loves ALAN and if squidgy loves ALAN then he must love you!!!!" Austin informed me. Yes my brother was in a band called of mice and men. They weren't super famous well at least yet. It started off as a hobby but now it was a passion for al of them. Austin and the boys decided to go Learn more about music before they became famous. All of his friend are scattered around the colleges so we won't be able to see them. Except our favorite ginger princess who was coming with us -.- speak of the devil.

"Austin!!!! Grace!!!! Guys I'm so excited for our trip!!!!!"

"Aye Alan why must Everytime I see you, you give this awful headache?"

I replied to the perky ginger. Dont get me wrong... Me and Alan we like best friends because I have known him for years but its always fun to tease our ginger princess every once in a while... Or Everytime I see him. Its a love hate relationship but him and I were close.

"Well someone isn't happy about our endless flight!!" Austin chimed in as Alan crammed In the back seat. I always called shot gun so Alan was used to being thrown in the back. We slowly made our way to the airport and made sure everything got where it needed to be, including ourselves. Austin sat next to the window with Me in the middle and Alan on the side. I pulled out my head phones and phone so I could drown out the annoying instructions as the pilot talked to everyone in the plane. Austin nudged me because I was humming the words to Hold On Til May by Pierce the veil.

"Grace shut up the lady is talking" Alan informed me.

"Does it look like I give a damn ?" As I started to now hum Hell Above.

"Ayyyee sassy pants you dont use that tone with me!!!" Austin whisper yelled at me."

"Nahhh" I put in my opposite head phone that I had pulled out so I could hear austin and Alan and I put my head on my brother.

" I see you won't lay on me!!" Alan talked loud enough so I could hear him over my music.

"I apologize Mr. Ashby"

And so I put my feet up on Alan and fell into a sleep that I hoped would last the entire plane ride.

We were 5 hours into the ride when I finally awoke to Alan taping my foot consistently.

"Hmm?" I asked ripping out each head phone an putting my music on pause.

"Do you want a drink?" Austin asked me.

"Water will do. thank you carlile."

"Mmm" Austin replied to me as I made y way to the bathroom so I could fix up myself before returning. On the way back there I stumbled upon an empty can of soda and tripped nearly busting my face. I braced for impact but pondered when I didn't feel the floor beneath me.

" Are you alright ms? I hope I didn't trip you" a thick British accent filled the atmosphere.

"Sorry and thanks." I muttered before collecting myself and heading to the bathroom. I stepped into the vacant room and checked my wavy blue hair and released it from the hair tie barely holding it up. I shook out the curls and braided it into a neat braid that reached my ribs. My hazel eyes stared back from my reflected had smeared makeup that I decided to fix up. After I was done I headed back to my seat where a familiar accent called out to me.

"I dont think I caught your name... My name is Oliver but you can call me Oli. What is yours ms?

"Dont worry about it."

And with that I sat back down in my seat between the two guys I had came with. I sat there and pondered about the school that awaited me. Hopefully it wasn't as bad as I suspected.. And hopefully soon the awful plane ride would be over

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