Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


9. What the Hecky is that Hickey?

Hope you guys are liking this :)

Sam's POV:

I wake up to Kian barging into my room and jumping on me.

"Dude, what happened? C'mon. I'm your best friend. Wake up!"

I kind of just lay there and he keeps begging me to tell him what happened between Becca and I.

"Nothing happened dude." I say rubbing my eyes, "She just came over, ate some pizza, and watched a movie." 

I mean I wasn't exactly lying. That's all that happened.

"Aw. Bummer man, you two would be cute," he laughed.

"JC would kill me if I tried to be anything more then friends with her. You know how protective he is." 

He nods and pretends to stroke an invisible beard.

"I'll have a little chat with him, see if I could get him to change his mind." 

"Kian, she just moved in. Like I don't want to push her. I've got to give her time to get settled, let her get to know me better, and I to get to know her." I say.

"I know you like her Sammy. You do what you gotta do, but I'll still talk to JC about it for you." He says then walks out of my room.

I hear the front door slam and Wishbone barking.

"Shh, shh, Wishbone be quiet!" Connor whispers.

I step out of my room and look down at him from the stairs. 

"What's up man?" I say to him.

He looks up at me freaking out a little, moving his hand up over his neck. 

"Oh me? Nothing, nothing. How was your night? Good? I hope so. I'm headed to bed." he rushes off, obviously nervous about something.

Once he gets upstairs I see why he was hiding his neck.

I look and him and smirk; "Ooooh Connor, who's the lucky girl?" I nudge him.

"No one!" he says defensively, and rather loud at that. 

Kian and Ricky both come out of their rooms and see the same thing. 

"Dude, that's a big ass hickey." Kian laughs and pokes it. 

"Ow!" Connor squeals. 

Ricky just laughs.

"Okay. I'll tell you all, but I'm just going to do it when everyone is here so I don't have to repeat myself." 

We all nod and I nudge Connor again. "I'll put a spoon in the freezer for you, it'll clear it up faster." I laugh and head down to the kitchen. 



My night was incredible, any night I'm out with Lia really is amazing.

After I drop her off I head home. 

As I pull into the driveway I look across the street and smile, realizing that Becca's there.

I still can't believe it. 

As I look over I see her on her balcony, looking up at the stars. 

I walk down my driveway and yell across the street, "Those things up there? They're called stars." I laugh making fun.

She wipes her eyes and laughs too. "Yeah I know." I see the light hitting her face, only enough to see that it's actually her.

"You okay?" I ask her, kind of concerned.

"Yeah, just thinking, it's so peaceful out here." she wipes her eyes again trying to hide she'd been crying. 

I know it's hard for her. I was there with her the day her mom died. 

I was there when she got home from school to see the note her brother left, telling them not to look for him, that he hated them both, that he didn't care if he ever saw them again. 

That broke her. 

I run across the street and climb up to her balcony.

I hug her tight.

"Beck, I know it's hard, and I'm sorry I wasn't there for a long time. But I'm here now, right across the street. If you need me just come knock on my door." I hug her tight.

She cries into my chest and I hold her tighter.

This poor girl has gone through so much.

I sit and hold her for a little while, then my phone buzzes. 

"Dude, Connor's gotta tell us something, hurry up and get your ass home, I'm dying to know what it issssssss!!!! __Key-Yuhn**"

Becca looks up at me, "It's fine, I feel much better. Thank you for coming up here, really," she smiles, "Text me when you want to hang out. I'll be here." she smiles again then heads inside after hugging me.

I climb back down and head across the street.

I walk in and all the guys are huddled around Connor, who had a spoon held up to his neck.

"Oooh, Connor!!" I laugh as I walk in the kitchen.

"Okay, if you guys don't stop, I just won't tell you." He pouts, trying not to laugh.

We all shut up and i find a bar stool to sit on.

"Okay, so," he starts, "I went over to see Troye and Tyler tonight right?"

We all nod, "Yeah...?" 

"So they set me up on a blind date with this girl." 

"Ohh!" A sigh comes from Kian, "Thought this was going a totally different way dude."

Connor laughs, "No, haha, but this girl was named Erika, and at first it was really awkward for the both of us. Then we got talking, and we had a lot in common, then we went back to Tyler's apartment to just hang out, and Tyler had to run out with Troye, but he told us to stay. So we were watching TV and I just kind of kissed her. Then things kind of heated up, we were like full on making out, and next thing I know, the guys walked in and were dying laughing and pointing at this big ass thing on my neck." 

We all break out laughing.

"So Erika, is this an official thing, are you going to see her again?" Ricky asks.

"Yes, I would hope to see her again." he smiles.

We chill and make fun of Connor more then Sam, Ricky and him head up to their rooms, but Kian stays behind.

"Hey JC, can I talk to you?" he asks.

I grab a can of soda and sit back in my stool, "sure, what's up?"

He leans against the counter.

"Okay. So about your friend Becca." He starts.

What about her? Is he interested in her now? Bad enough Sam is all over her, now Kian too?

"Yeeah....?" I question.

"See, you're very protective over her.. And someone wants to get to know her, but he's scared you'll kick his ass if she starts to like him and they wind up together."

Well at least they all know I'm protective over her. 

"Listen. Whoever wants to get to know Becca can if they want, she can do what she wants, but if one of you guys wind up hurting her, I'll never forgive you." I say then head up to my room.

I lay down and hear Kian creaking up the stairs.

Sam's POV

Kian comes up the stairs with JC a while after we all come up.

He comes into my room again and sits at my desk, spinning in the chair.

"So I talked to JC for you." he starts.

I sit up quickly and nod.

"He said that if Becca wants to, he wouldn't have a problem. He also said that if you hurt her.. He'll never forgive you."

I nod again "I totally get it." I smile.

"Well I'm going to bed, night bro." he says and walks out of my room. 

I send Becca a quick text;

"Good night Beautiful, I had fun tonight! Come back tomorrow? :) ~Samm"

I close my eyes and my phone buzzes;

"Night Sammy, Maybe I'll consider coming back :P :) -Beccaaaaaa.xx" 

I smile at my phone and leave the conversation at that. 

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