Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


2. What a surprise!!

hey guys!! hope you're liking the story so far! I promise it'll speed up next chapter and it'll all piece together!! thanks for reading!!


"Happy birthday JC!!!!" I hear as I start to open my eyes.

I rub my eyes to see all my best friends gathered around me yelling and spraying me with sticky string.

"Real nice guys." I laugh and get out of bed.

Sam runs up behind me and jumps on my back.

"JC! Get dressed we're going out for your birthday!!!" he says excitedly.

I look at him and laugh; "Fine, but can I eat first?"

He laughs and heads downstairs while I get changed.

I look at my phone and scroll through the Twitter notifications.

My fans are so great.

There's one tweet that stands out above the rest;

"xo_becka_xxx; Today is his birthday, wish that I could tell him I miss him, and I hope he has a great birthday. #happybirthday"

I look at the icon, it's her.

My best friend since three years old.

I haven't talked to her in two years though.

I just got up and left.

I didn't tell her where I was going.

I didn't even tell her I was leaving.

I didn't want to hurt her.

I figured she was mad at me after she didn't hear from me.

My mom said she had stopped by a few days after I moved out to California.

She also said that Beck was devastated to hear that I really was gone.

I go to her twitter profile and smile to myself, I just keep thinking back to the last time I hung out with her.

Maybe I should reach out to her.

I hit the follow button, maybe I'll get a chance to talk to her again.

I snap out of it when I hear my name being yelled from downstairs.


I chuckle to myself and head downstairs after I'm changed.

"So what's the plan boys?" I laugh and pour myself a bowl of cereal.

"It's a surprise!!" They all say in unison.

~Becca's POV~

I finish packing all my stuff and head downstairs to let my dad know that I'm ready to go.

He looks up away from his computer and smiles. "Awesome Beck, want to see where we're going to be living?"

I smile and nod.

He pulls up a picture of a beautiful house, it's right on the beach, has a balcony and 3 bedrooms.

It's incredible.

I smile and call for my dog so we can go on one last walk through the neighborhood.

"Izzy, come here girl!" In trots my little beagle.

I hook on her leash and head out the door, I put my headphones in and blast MKTO.

I get pulled all over by this crazy dog and we go to the nearby dog park.

I let her wonder a little bit and sit on a bench, glancing up to check on her every once in a while.

I open up twitter and my feed is full of #HAPPYBIRTHDAYJC!

I roll my eyes, granted I did post one earlier but I used a different hashtag.

I check my notifications and I have a few new followers.

I click on them so I can follow them back, but I see a name that stands out.

"@jccaylen is now following you!!"

What? I think to myself.

How did he find me?

I follow him back and close out of the app.

That was weird.

I grab Izzy and head home.

Tomorrow we're off to California

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