Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


7. Oh Kian..

Becca's POV

I start heading over and make my way across the street.

I walk up to the door and hear laughing really loud and stuff being thrown about.

"KIAN! You're breaking everything!" A voice says, laughing hysterically though.

I knock on the door and the noise stops.

A guy slightly opens the door with this weird look on his face, kind of "crab-like".

"Why hello there." He says with his face still like that, "I'm Kian, and you are?" He says making his face back to normal.

I put my hand out.

"I'm Becca, Sam invited me?" I say shyly.

Just then Sam runs down the stairs.

"Becca!" He smiles.

"Hey!" I say back smiling.

The two invite me in and Kian whispers something in Sam's ear making him blush.

I just keep walking and am in awe with their beautiful house.

"BECK!"JC yells as jumping on my back.

I laugh and yell back at him, "JC!"

He hugs me and I hug him back. Everyone is standing around super confused except for Sam.

JC looks up at all of them and smiles, "Guys, this is Becca, she's been my best friend forever. I just don't know what she's doing here." He laughs awkwardly.

"Oh, I invited her." Sam speaks up.

I nod and look over at Sam.

"Well if you want I'll introduce the guys then we can swim?" He laughs shyly.

I nod again and he goes through the boys, they all stood in a line from tallest to shortest.

They all announced their names, even though I knew 3 out of 6 already.

"Ricky." He says with a smile.

"Kian." He says doing that strange face again then laughing.

"Connor." He says putting up a peace sign.

"Sam." He says smiling and blushing.

"Justin." He says bowing and sticking his tongue out.

"AND I'M TREVORRRRR!" The last one sings out.

I laugh and say, "Well, if you haven't guessed already, I'm Becca." I smile.

They all run up and give me a huge group hug. I'm so squished I don't even realize I dropped the album in my hand.

I laugh and they all back away, JC picks up the book and smiles.

"Oh my god. Is this?" He smiles. I nod and he sits at the bar looking at it.

Sam looks up at me and I walk over to him and hug him separately. I hear a few slight whispers behind me, but I choose to ignore them.

"So where's this pool you promised?" I say nudging him with my elbow.

He laughs; "Oh follow me." I smile and yell back to JC "Meet us at the pool when you're done."

He waves us on and keeps looking intently.

As Sam and I walk outside I look at the beautiful backyard.

There's amazing palm trees, beautiful flowers around, and an incredible pool.

I stand there for a minute and hear a splash in the pool.

Sam's POV

I can't help but smile around this girl.

Her smile is contagious, it's beautiful, it's just incredible.

While she's taking in the backyard all of a sudden Kian runs out of the house and pushes me in then runs back in the house.

I can't help but laugh.

Becca looks up at me and smiles.

She pulls her tank top over her head and her shorts off then runs and jumps in.

I laugh at her and swim up to her as she floats back up to the top.

I splash her and she screams then splashes back.

She swims over to the side and I get out to go jump in.

I go to dive and swim to her.

I go up to try and scare her and she's gone.

I look over by the house, she's not there.

I check the nearby lounge chairs, not there either.

Then something pulls me under the water.

I sink to the bottom and turn around opening my eyes.

There she is.

I smile and race her back to the top.

The day goes on just like that. We talk for a while and I learn so much about her, how her and JC met, where she went to school, where her brother disappeared to, she even spoke a little about her mom.

After a while I see JC head out and he hugs Becca.

"I'm sorry to leave, but I've got a date with Lia tonight. Love ya Beck" he says.

"See you later Jay." she smiles.

She turns back to me and asks me about myself, my story.

I open up to her rather easily. It surprises me. I haven't been able to open up to anyone like this since Acacia..

She just nods and listens.

Her eyes gaze at me as I talk about everything. My childhood, my parents, starting videos with Kian. And so much more.

She stays a little longer and heads home to make dinner for her and her dad.

I walk her home and cheesily brush my hand against hers a few times and feel myself blush.

Before she walks inside she gives me a tight hug.

"Just like you said you're always here to talk, I am too, you know where to find me." She smiles wide.

I go in for another hug and say "Thank you, our door is always open, and my phone is always on. Maybe we can hang out again tomorrow?" I ask hopefully.

She smiles wide "I'd love to." with that she walks inside and I turn around to head back.

"Hey Sam?" I hear behind me; she runs up and hugs me again; "thank you again. for everything. I had a great day." She smiles and softly kisses my cheek.

I smile wide and she waves.

"Later Becca." I wave and head back feeling happier then I've been in a while.

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