Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


5. No Way!!


We all stand out at the end of our driveway looking to see the new neighbors.

After a while Connor, Trevor, Kian and Ricky went inside.

Sam and I stayed out, in hopes of seeing if we had a new good-looking neighbor.

"Bro, if she's hot I've got dibs." he laughs.

"We'll have to see about that." I laugh back.

We look like creepers standing there staring, but I'm honestly really curious.

I look around and consider going over there.

I nudge Sam and ask him if he wants to be neighborly and introduce himself to the new neighbors.

He laughs, so I respond with "Hey, if he's got a hot daughter it'd be a great first impression." I chuckled and nudged him again.

Before I knew it he was halfway across the street.

I go to chase after him but something stops me, a little beagle did actually.

She was running at full speed right at me, once she started slowing down she jumped up at my leg, I leaned down to pick her up and I hear a shout in the distance.


Must be this dog's name, I laugh and look up to see who's calling her name.

It's was Becca.

My best friend.

I couldn't believe my eyes, she had grown up so much since I had last seen her. She was gorgeous.

I couldn't even form a sentence. All that came out of my mouth was; "Oh my god."

I couldn't even move I was just so in shock.

"JC?!?!" she gasped.

I nod and smile.

She looks down at her feet.

"Thanks for catching my dog, she's insane." she laughs.

"It's not a problem. Here you go." I say passing her the dog.

"Thanks again. Want to come say 'hi' to my dad?" she asks.

"Sure haven't seen him in a while, I should go grab my friend Sam anyway." I laugh.

Sam's POV~

"Hey, if he's got a hot daughter it'd be a great first impression." JC laughs.

I quickly find myself walking across the street to introduce myself.

I honestly don't know why I was getting myself so excited.

He might not even have a hot daughter, he may be a crazy person with 17 snakes, I have no idea.

But I'm going to be a nice person and introduce myself anyway.

I knock on the door and wait for a response.

"Hello?" a man says walking up to the door.

"Good morning Sir." I smile. "I'm Sam, I just wanted to come introduce myself and welcome you to the neighborhood."

He smiles back; "Nice meeting you Sam, I'm Gary Morsey."

I shake his hand.

I kind of get disappointed seeing he has no daughter, but I still stay friendly.

"If you'd like to come back in a little bit, my daughter should be home, she looks around your age, she's 20." he says and my ears seem to perk up.

No way.

Did he like read my mind or something?

"What a coincidence, I'm 19, but I'll be 20 very soon!!" I smile.

"That's great! She should be home soon, she just went out to walk her dog." I nod.

Suddenly, I hear; "Hey dad!!" coming from behind me.

A beautiful girl comes running my way.

She's absolutely breathtaking.

She's got long brown hair, with blonde tips, big gorgeous hazel eyes, and freckles.

I stand there with my jaw dropped as she runs up to her dad, as she passes me I see JC running up behind her.

"Dude, I thought I got dibs if she was hot." I question him in a way.

"Sam, this isn't any regular girl, she was my best friend, from when I was like 3 years old." He says grinning from ear to ear.

"Mr. Morsey!! How are you sir?" JC says reaching out to shake his hand.

Great. So this amazing girl is totally off limits?

We'll see about that.

Becca's POV~

I can't believe it's JC! I hadn't seen him in 2 years. It's so crazy.

I invite him to come say 'hi' to my dad, seeing as he was really the only friend of mine that my dad liked.

As I run up to the house I see my dad talking to someone, a guy.

He looked about my age, but he had dark hair pushed back out of his face, gorgeous brown eyes, tattoos on his arms, pierced ears, and a lip ring.

He was quite good looking.

I didn't really think too much about that because I had literally just moved in and was much too excited to even consider it.

I got my best friend back. It was amazing.

I go to let Izzy inside so I can politely introduce myself to this random kid outside my house.

I run out and go introduce myself.

I put my hand out. "Hi, I'm Becca." I smile.

He slightly smiles and shakes my hand, "Sam Pottorff at your service." I laugh.

Hmm. Funny and cute. Interesting...

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