Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


16. My Cinderella

Becca's POV

We get in the car and Sam drives off.

"So where are we going?" I beg for him to tell me.

I'm the most impatient person you'll ever meet.

"No!! It'll ruin the surprise!!" He smiles.

"But Sammieeeeeeeeee.." I whine, " I really wanna knowwwww."

He then turns the radio up and puts all the windows down.

I laugh; "SAMMM! MY HAIIR!"

"Ooops sorry!!" He rolls the windows up and laughs.

We continue driving and I keep trying to pry where we're going but he doesn't budge.

A little while later we pull up to this magnificent restaurant, it's right on the beach, there are palm trees are everywhere, it's just beautiful.

I feel myself smiling ear to ear. 

I don't realize we're parked until Sam comes to my side and opens my door helping me out.

I take his hand and hop down.

"This is beautiful." I smile and whisper.

"I'm glad you like it." He says bringing my hand up to kiss it.

I blush and we walk inside.

The ambiance is just gorgeous. 

You walk through the doors and its a beautiful hall, there's couples eating everywhere. Beautiful music playing in the background, there's a giant dance floor.

"Mr. Pottorff?" The hostess asks, "Right this way." 

She leads us to a quiet table in the back, right next to a window overlooking the ocean, and places our menus down.

Sam, being the gentlemen he is, pulls my chair out and pushes me in.

I smile at him, "This is absolutely incredible." 

He looks out the window then back at me, "I'm glad you like it." He smiles.

He takes my hand and looks over the menu.

"So I can't afford anything on this menu, how does salad sound?" He laughs.

"Wait really?" I say trying not to laugh.

He bursts out laughing. 

"No, I'm kidding, order anything you'd like" 

The waitress comes over introducing herself, "Hi, my name is Erika."

"Hey!" I say, it's Connor's girlfriend.

"What's up guys?" she smiles.

"We didn't know you worked here." Sam states.

"Yeah, I've got to pay the bills," she laughs, "So what can I get you."

We place our order and Sam takes my hand again. 

We sit there and talk about everything.

I'm actually happy when I'm around him. 

"I'm glad you like it" he smiles, "care to dance?"

I nod and stand up, he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor.

No one else is dancing, but who cares?

We sway along to the slow music and I wrap my arms around his shoulders, and he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

We stand and sway for a while. 

Everything around me disappeared. 

It was my Cinderella moment, I was dancing with Prince Charming.

After a few slow songs I realize there are a few other couples that came up to join us.

We look over to our table and our food is making its way over. 

"Want to go back?" Sam asks.

I nod, "but first," I kiss him deeply, not like we've kissed before, "Thank you, for everything." I hug him and we walk back to our table.

We sit back down and Sam looks up at me still blushing, "So that kiss, that was amazing." 

I laugh, "I'm glad you liked it." I winked and took a bite of my pasta.

He bites his bottom lip slightly and then taking a bite of his food.

We talk and talk and talk.

Then Sam excuses himself to go to the restroom, so I decide to use that as a time to make sure I still look presentable.

I fix my hair in the mirror and reapply a layer of lipstick, then I hear voices outside the door.

"Sam, c'mon, you know you don't want her and you want me instead!" a female voice says.

"I don't think so, where in the hell would you get that idea?" the familiar male voice rings.

"Here, I'll show you that you want me more. " she says.

I open the door to walk out, and just in time, because Erika goes in to kiss Sam.

He ducks out of the way though.

"Really?!" I yell, "You're dating his best friend, well you were, because I'm sure he'd love to hear about this."

She shakes her head and covers her mouth, "No! Don't tell Connor please! I was.. I was just kidding! Right Sam?"

Now Sam is standing next to me holding my hand tight.

"Sorry. We'd like our check please." he says.

We walk back to our table and wait for our check, Sam's hand still firmly holding mine. 

A different waitress brings us our check, "I'm so sorry about her, that isn't the first time she's done this. But it will be the last, she has been fired." 

I feel slightly guilty. But that's what she gets for trying to steal something that's mine. 

I mean that sounds awful, but it's true, Sam is mine, at least I hope he is.

After we pay we go back out to the car and Sam hands me a bag with my clothes in it.

"Here, I'll guard the car, get changed please." He smiles.

"Only if you swear not to look." I wink and stick my tongue out.

He sighs and gives in, "fiiine," he whines.

I climb in the back seat and look at the outfit he picked; a bikini, a California crop top, and my cut off shorts. 


This kid was insane, it's freezing out! 

I change anyway.


Sam's POV

I wait for Becca to get dressed, it takes every ounce of strength not to try to sneak a peek.

Hey, I'm a guy, sue me.

I don't expect anything like that to happen tonight. 

But I do expect to have this night get better. 

While she was in the shower I grabbed one of her outfits and bathing suits.

Now we're going on another adventure, we're going to camp out on the beach! 

Yes.We're stopping back at the house later for pajamas and blankets and stuff.

But right now we're going to go to my favorite place.

It's an indoor water park, but since school has started, no one is ever there so Becca and I will have it to ourselves.

She hops out of the car and looks amazing in the outfit I picked. 

Granted, she looks amazing in everything she wears.

I hug her tight and kiss her forehead. 

"You ready for a great night?" I ask.

"Wait there's more?" She asks sarcastically. 

I laugh and lean in kissing her just like she had earlier. 

This kiss lasted a lot longer then I would've thought.

Hey, I'm not complaining.

After our kiss I hop back in the driver's seat and we head over to the park.

"So.. Uhm that kiss was amazing." Becca blushes.

I nod and bite my bottom lip slightly thinking about it.

This girl's amazing.

We pull up to the place and Becca looks over at me.

"What is this place?" She laughs.

"Well, first, hop out so I can get changed, then I'll show you." I laugh.

After she gets out I quickly get changed and sneak out my door, going up behind her hugging her tight kissing her cheek.

"Shall we?" I ask offering my arm out.

"We shall." She says taking my arm. 

We head inside and I give my name at the desk. 

Just like I thought, it was dead here, just Becca and I. Perfect.

She looks around, "Oh my gosh, this is awesome babe!" 

She blushes then covers her mouth, "Sorry, it just came out."

I laugh and take her hands, "Hey, it's okay, I like babe." 

We both smile and kiss again.

We decide to start off on the slides then once we're all done with those we'll just relax in the hot tub.

Becca pulls me towards the biggest slide.

This should be fun. 

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