Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


17. Let's Be Sam for a While

Holy Crap. Sorry I've left you guys at a random spot haha. Here's the next chapter. Love you guys for sticking with me <3

Sam's POV

We run around the water park for a while.

It's literally one of the best nights of my life.

After we go on every ride and race down every slide, we decide that we've had enough so I tell Beck that I have another surprise.

"What else could you possibly surprise me with Sammie Boy?" She laughs.

"Get changed into these and I'll show you." I say handing her a bag with sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt, sticking my tongue out.

After she changes and I change I take her hand and run outside.

RAIN. Of course it's raining..

Why wouldn't it? I mean like really..

"Goddamn....." I whisper.

Becca looks over at me and rubs my back, "You okay?"

"Yeah," I sigh, "I had a beautiful camp out on the beach planned for us.. It was going to be incredible for you.."

She takes my hand and uses her other to put my face up to hers, "This entire night was incredible. You made me feel like Cinderella, it was romantic, it was fun, it was perfect. There's no way I could ever thank you enough for everything."

With that, I kissed her.

I kissed her like I've never kissed her before.

She had her arms around me and I pulled her in closer.

We stood in the rain just kissing.

It was like one of those movies.

After our kiss, we head back to the house and I open the door.

We're greeted by Wishbone and Izzy, who trips over her foot before reaching us.

We give them their attention and head over to the couch.

"So what did you want to do now?" I ask.

She smiles and takes her bottom lip between her teeth, it was pretty hot to be honest.

"Wellllll..." She starts, trailing her fingers up my chest, "I think that we should do something fun." She's almost whispering in my ear.

Gives me chills.

"Yeah..? What are you thinking?" I chuckle.

"Well, why don't we turn the lights down," I nod, urging to hear more, "get under the blankets," she continues, "and have me kick your ass in Mario Kart." She winks.

I growl slightly, but we agree to play the game.

She beats me three times, I beat her two.

What? I'm rusty, haven't played in a while.

After the game we stay snuggled under the blankets.

"I told you I'd win Sammie Boy." She sticks her tongue out.

"Yeah, yeah," I laugh kissing her cheek, "what's your prize going to be princess?"

She blushes and looks up at me, then takes my face in her hands and kisses me deeply.

We kiss and kiss, getting pretty into it.

I earn a few moans for her, and her from me, and that's just from kissing.

At one point she's on top of me and she's still kissing me.

I slide my hands up and down her sides and reach the hem of her shirt.

At that point I don't want to go too far so I just stop, I kiss her nose and lay her down next to me.

She looks at me confused but content.

We turn on some music and just talk for the rest of the night.

I learn all her hopes, her dreams, her fears, her favorites, all the things that I didn't already know.

She learned the same things about me.

I love learning new things about her.

Before we realize it we both pass out.

~~~~~~A FEW WEEKS LATER~~~~~~

(Everyone has pretty much figured out Becca and I are together, no one has made a big deal of it, thank God.

We did wind up telling Connor about Erika, he was heartbroken, poor guy, but we've done our best to keep him in high spirits. )

"Good morning baby," I hear Becca whisper in my ear.

"Why hello sunshine," I kiss her nose.

We just lay here for a while, like we have done every morning, we just cuddle and enjoy each other's presence until someone barges in.

Usually it's JC or Kian, but today it was Levi.

I get so excited, I jump right up and pick him up swinging him around.

Becca sits up and laughs, then Levi runs over to her, "Hi! I'm Levi!"

She smiles at him, "Hi Levi, I'm Becca."

Then he looks over at me and waves me over whispering in my ear, "She's pretty," he giggles, "is she your girlfriend?"

I nod and smile, "She sure is."

He jumps up on the bed and I fall on top of him, tickling him, Becca joins in as well.

After a while we all get up and head downstairs for breakfast, Levi and I on either side of Beck.

"Looks like you've got a little competition there Sammie," JC shouts.

We all laugh and Levi just stands there smiling and nodding, we both earn a kiss on the cheek from our girl.

"Wait.." I stop, "where's my mom?" I say realizing I don't see her in the kitchen.

"She dropped Levi off because she had some running to do, so I said we'd keep him busy today." Kian states, picking Levi up and throwing him on the couch, tickling him again.

"Well then what should we do with him today, it's kind of raining," Becca says gesturing towards the back door.

"Hmmm," Kian thinks out loud, "there's hide and seek, we could make a fort, we could have a treasure hunt." He's getting more excited then my 4 year old brother.

We all decide to do all the options, one after the other.

We start off with the treasure hunt, we find our costume bin from our O2L videos and dress up like pirates, Ricky hides random fake jewels all over the house and whoever finds the most wins.

We split off into two groups; Levi and Kian, and Becca and I.

Kian and Levi were Peter Pan, yes both of them.

Beck and I are Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

(She had a Smee costume because her and her friend did the same thing last year)

So she runs in her room and quickly comes out with high waisted shorts, a white and blue striped top, and a red beanie.

She looked so cute.

We wandered around the house and found a few jewels, but the "Pans" came and stole them away. So we lost.

Like really badly.

After that we made forts, still in our pirate apparel, then had a nerd gun fight.

It was honestly an incredible day, after a while everyone went out.

Connor and Ricky went to the the movies, Kian went to Dom's, and Jc went out with Lia.

So it was just Beck, Levi, and I, we watched a movie and wound up passing out.

I woke up just before the credits rolled, I look over to see Becca cradling Levi.

I snap a picture and tweet it, "My two favorite people. @PottorffLevi @xo_Beccaaaaaaa_xxx"

After Levi gets picked up and my mom officially meets Becca we decide to order Chinese food, because I really really want Chinese food.

The food arrives and we sit and eat, laughing and talking about such random things.

It's so great.

After a while we head up to Becca's room, she wants my opinion on what to wear when we go to San Francisco next weekend.

In my opinion she shouldn't wear anything, then again I've never seen her in nothing.

She tries on like 70 million things it seemed like, everything I saw looked perfect, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.

I wake up the next morning in her bed, but she's not there, I see a note on the nightstand though..

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