Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


3. Here We Go


The boys decided to take me out to the beach.

We were hanging out there a while and then Sam pulls me to the side.

"Dude, you okay? You're mad distant from everyone.." he sighs.

I nod; "Yeah, I'm okay, I guess I'm just kind of homesick."

Maybe I was homesick, or maybe I just wanted to go back to see Becca.

"Well, if you want we could take you off the O2L schedule for a little bit so you could go home." he suggests.

I think for a minute; "I'll be fine bro, thanks though."

He looks at me and I can tell he's kind of double checking to make sure I'm positive.

I give him a nod then head back to the group.

After a little longer Kian and Ricky leave, they say they have to head home.

So all that's left is Trevor, Connor, Sam, and I.

We all wonder up and down the boardwalk, signing autographs of girls who recognized us, took a few pictures, then we headed home.

I just stare out the window and keep thinking if maybe I should reach out to her.

Message her JC.

I think to myself.

As Connor drives I open my Twitter to see if hopefully she followed me back so I could message her.

Fortunately I see the name pop up.

"@xo_becka_xxx is now following you!!!"

I feel myself smile and I go to send her a message.

What should I say? Should I apologize? Will she even respond? Is she even the same girl she was two whole years ago?

I laugh, why am I getting so worked up?

It's just Beck, she's like my little sister..

Or was like my little sister.

I decided on a simple "Hi Beck!!" and I hit send.

Now just to wait for her to respond.

Becca's POV~

Once all the stuff is packed into the trunk, we get in and start our journey.

It's not too bad a drive, but it does get uncomfortable with a constantly moving dog on your lap.

I laugh and take out my phone to play more of my music.

I hook it up to the car radio and play songs that my dad knows. Just to keep him awake. We plan to drive through the night to get there by morning.

We decided later at night would avoid most of the traffic.

I talk to my dad and we just talk about the house, where it is, if it said anything about neighbors, how amazing the view is, who's bedroom is whose.

It just went on like this the whole ride.

I open my Twitter as I talk to my dad and see I have a new DM.

It's probably one of those stupid things everyone gets.

I look at the message.

"@jccaylen: Hey Beck"

My eyes widen and I just stare at my phone.


My best friend, my big brother, he remembers me?

I respond to his DM with a simple "hey."

I send it back and wait for a response.

I wonder where in Cali he and his guys are, I just sit there and think. I never even considered the possibility of us being neighbors...

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