Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


10. Happiest Place on Earth

Becca's POV

I wake up to the sound of Izzy barking like crazy.

I run downstairs and see a note on the counter,

"Had a meeting early, you're on you're own today kid. Sorry!! Love ya, Dad"

So I'm on my own again.


I walk to the front door to see what my crazy dog is barking at.

It's JC, Sam, Kian, and Ricky.

"Iz, chill out!" I command.

She runs in front of me and I hold her back as I open up the front door.

"Hey guys....?" I say questioning them on my doorstep.

"BECCAAAAAAA!" JC says tackling me to the ground, Izzy starts barking again and licks my face.

Everyone is laughing and after I get up I invite them all in.

They all find a seat on the couch.

"So, what's up?" I ask, still confused and half asleep.

"We've got a few questions for you young lady." Ricky says wagging his finger at me.

"One: What are your plans for today?" Kian asks.

"Two: Where is your dad?" JC says looking around.

"Three: Are you willing to get out of your pajamas?" Sam asks poking fun at my outfit last night.

I start laughing.

"And four: Are you willing to join us four crazy kids to the Happiest Place on Earth?" Ricky asks putting on a Mickey Mouse hat.

I smile and answer their question in a row; "I have no plans." looking at Kian, "My dad is working all day." moving my head towards JC, "What else would I wear?" I stick my tongue out at Sam, "Oh, and I'd love to join you guys." I say smiling at the group of guys.

An echo of cheers come from each of the guys and I laugh.

"You guys stay down here, don't break anything!! I'll be right back." I say over my shoulder.

I run upstairs, grab my favorite Goofy sweater, a pair of cut off shorts, and my vans.

I keep my hair down and cover it with a black beanie, then I put on my make-up.

I grab my favorite necklace and head back downstairs.

I hear a loud "BANG" and rush down the rest of the steps.

Everyone got really quiet and I see JC on the floor crouched in a fetal position. Then all the guys break out into a roar of laughter.

"Uh guys....?" I ask, questioning their sanity.

They all look up at me and laugh harder then they were.

"JC, you okay?" I laugh at myself.

He stands up and is still laughing.

"Guys what the hell happened?" I say as I write my dad a note telling him where I'm at.

"Nothing, nothing." JC says, "Ready to go?"

I nod.

We head out and Kian winds up driving. We all pack in the car and I'm between Sam and JC.

The whole car ride is filled with laughs, and awful singing.

By the time we get to the gate it's just like all five of us have known each other forever.

We walk in and the guys are all so excited. It's actually really cute seeing Sam like this.

We decide to split up then meet at the castle so we can grab lunch and meet up with Connor and Trevor.

Kian, Ricky, and JC want to go on the Submarine Voyage, so they head off.

Sam's POV

The guys head off to that submarine ride, I really didn't want to go on, neither did Becca, so we try to think of something fun to do before we all meet back up.

"So where do you want to go?" I smile up at her.

She looks around smiling then grabs my hand and runs toward Fantasyland.

We run until we get to the character houses.

She's so excited it's so cute.

"First time here?" I ask.

She nods and looks all over.

Once we stop running I notice we're still holding hands and I smile to myself.

We go to head into Mickey's house, but Becca sees the character across the way and goes to stand in the line.

We don't go on many rides before we have to go back, we run around the park trying to see how many characters we can meet before lunch.

We ran all over, we met all the main characters except Goofy, four princesses, the Toy Story gang, Lilo, Stitch, and a few villains.

Becca was like in heaven. She was honestly adorable.

When it's time to head back to the castle we see Aladdin and Jasmine out of the corner of out eyes, and this time I pull her in that direction.

There's no one waiting so we go right up and meet with them.

"Aw look at this cute couple!" Jasmine says.

I feel myself blush and look down to see our fingers still interlocked.

We get our pictures taken and Becca gets one with Jasmine.

We head back to the castle and see the guys standing there.

"Hey guys!" Becca says smiling.

"Heey Beck!" They all say simultaneously.

"That was weird." I say laughing.

We all stand there laughing and wait awhile until we catch a glimpse of Connor.

"Con!" Ricky shouts and waves his arms around.

He comes up to us, hand-in-hand with who seems to be Erika.

"Hey guys! This is Erika." He says smiling wide.

We all shake her hand and head off to the cafe and wait there for Trevor.

Becca and I head up to order food, we had a very simple order, 2 orders of chicken tenders, and an extra large order of fries.

Not that hard right?

Our cashier, Jessa-Leigh, as stated on her name tag, just wasn't having it today I guess.

She rudely asks what we want, popping her gum in our faces.

I wait at the counter for our food and Becca goes to grab stuff for the table.

"So who's the skank your with?" Jessa-Leigh pops her gum again.

"Excuse me?" I ask shocked.

"You two together or something?" She asks.

"Look, I'm not going to talk to you about my personal life. I'd appreciate it if you just gave me my food so I could get back to my friends." I snap back.

"Oooh feisty," she winks, "here's your order."

I head back to the table and see Trevor sitting there.

I tell them about the rude cashier and Trevor gets up.

This should be interesting...?

We just sit back and watch.

He's up there for like five minutes, then comes back smiling.

"I think I just got a date for tonight...?"

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