Too Close

Becca is a 17 year old girl from Washington, but when she leaves her hometown with her dad to start over in a place she's always dreamed of, will it love up to expectation?


6. Fast Friends.

hey guys!! what are you thinking about this so far? sorry it's so slow at the beginning. but it'll move faster. I need a best friend for Becca so just comment if you'd like to be included :)

Sam's POV~

She came out to introduce herself to me, she was so sweet.

"Hi, I'm Becca." she smiles up at me.

I think quickly and come up with "Sam Pottorff, at your service."

Oh my god.

I'm such a loser.

She laughs though, her laugh is incredible.

It's just contagious.

So I start laughing and JC is looking at me like I'm crazy.

She stops laughing and we all start talking.

I learn she loves to long board, surf, and play beach volleyball.

She's so cute though, I can't help but stare as she talks.

I do notice that she's kind of quiet when I accidentally bring up something about her mom.

JC pushes me and Becca looks at him;

"It's okay Jay, he didn't know.." she says.

"I'm so sorry, I really did have no idea Becca.." I say as I look at my feet.

"I, uh, gotta go, my dad probably needs help unpacking or something. See you around?" she says kind of smiling.

"Of course, we'll be right across the street, stop by whenever!" JC says and hugs her.

I nod as JC is walking away.

I stay back a minute.

"Hey Becca?" I ask.

"Yeah?" She asks looking at me.

"Can I see your phone for a second?"

She nods and hands me her phone and I put my number in.

"This is in case you want to talk about anything, I may not know much about much, but I can just try to make you smile." I say to her smiling.

Her cheeks turn red and she smiles.

"Thank you Sam." she says and goes in for a hug.

I hug her back and head back to the house.

"Talk to you later." she calls behind me.

I smile as I walk back to the house.

JC is waiting at the door.


I'm so glad I got to see her.

It's crazy.

She made it seem like there was no amount of time where we weren't talking.

I got my "Little sister" back.

Sam thinks she's hot though, and I'm not going to deny she's grown up a lot since I last saw her.

But I can't let Sam hurt her, if I lost her again I don't know what I'd do.

I watch as Sam stays after and talks to her. They hug and then he comes back to the house.

A pang of jealousy rings through me as I see them hug.

"Hey JC." He says as he walks through the front door

I nod and say "Hey."

He walks by and heads upstairs with a smile plastered on his face.

I look over at Becca's house then I head to my room and plop down on my bed and wind up falling asleep again.

Becca's POV~

I was so glad I decided to talk to JC again.

I mean it's like there was no time between us.

After we reunited and started talking again I realized that I've got my "big brother" back.

But after a while of talking I decided I should go unpack, JC gave me a hug and Sam then gave me his number then a hug.

I go inside and start unpacking.

Placing my posters on the wall.

Folding my clothes and putting them away.

organizing my desk and setting up my computer.

I then get to my box of pictures.

I have them all in frames and photo albums to keep them neat and organized.

I set some of them up and I find the album of pictures of JC and I.

I get all excited and decide once I'm done I've got to go show him.

I put it to the side then take out another album.

This one was the one my grandma made me when my mom passed.

It was filled cover to cover with pictures of my mom and I, ranging from when I was born to the day before she passed.

I decided to look through it and I immediately regret my decision as the memories flood back my eyes start to tear and within minutes I'm sobbing.

I close the book and lay down trying to calm myself down.

I think back to the conversation I had hours before;

"This is in case you want to talk about anything, I may not know much about much, but I can just try to make you smile."

I take out my phone and text Sam, maybe he will be able to help.

"Hey! -Beccaaaaaa.xx"

I wait for a response as I put the book in the shelf next to my bed.

A few minutes later my phone buzzes;

"Hey what's up? :) ~Samm"

I finish putting stuff away as I text;

"Just finished unpacking haha :) what about you? -Beccaaaaaa.xx"

within seconds I have a response;

"nothing really haha, want to come chill over here? :) ~Samm"

I smile at my phone and send a quick text back; "depends, you guys have a pool? lol :) -Beccaaaaaa.xx"

I laugh at my text like the loser I am and wait for a response.

"We sure do!! come on over :) ~Samm"

"I'll be right over :) -Beccaaaaaa.xx"

I change into my favorite navy blue and white striped bathing suit, cutoff shorts, and my favorite tank top, then throw my hair up in a messy bun.

I grab my phone and the photo album of JC and I, tell my dad where I'm going, and head across the street.

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