It started with a kiss...

Kayley is new in town.
She wants to make friends

Cody is madly in love with Kayley at first sight.

Will they stay innocent or will they do something they will regret?


1. Sneak Peak

Kayleys POV

Are you sure this is ok?

Sure. My parents are out of town.

I don't want to do this.

Yes you do.

Cody pulled me closer. "Kiss me" he whispered. We leaned in and kissed very passionately. With arms and legs entwined we kissed for what felt like forever! He started to lick the bottom of my lip, for permission to enter the inside of the mouth, which I accepted. We explored each other's mouths and made out for a long time. I wanted to stay in his arms forever... And then the cops showed up.

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