It started with a kiss...

Kayley is new in town.
She wants to make friends

Cody is madly in love with Kayley at first sight.

Will they stay innocent or will they do something they will regret?


3. On the bus...

Kayleys POV

I was sitting all alone the whole time. When the bus finally got to the school I hopped out and tried to find my first class.

I walked in to my technology class and I realized something. Everyone in my class was a freakin guy! Not one other girl was in there but me!

Great! All the guys hate me now. Way to start out my first day!!! Why do I have to be so ugly???

But it turns out I was wrong.

Cody's POV

There I was. Working on my computer, like I always do at the beginning of first period. Then BAM! She walked in!!! The sexiest babe I have ever seen in my whole life! All I could thing was how hot she was and how much I wanted to make out with that babe, but I kept it in.

The bell rang and Mr. Alley (we call him Mr. A-hole) went to the front of the class. "This is our new student Kayley. I expect you to treat her well and if not there will be serious consequences. Now take a seat"

Oh my heck! Why can't I have an empty seat by me?! Ugh why does she have to sit with Brian (the buttlicker)? Ugh I suddenly HATE him!

Kayleys POV

I sat by a pretty cute guy. His name was Brian. We talked for a while. And it turns out he's gay. Just my luck!

The day went on and if felt like eternity! Finally the bell rang and it was time to go home! I walked to my bus and got on. Sitting alone again.

The bus started to go and I just slumped down into my seat. We got farther and farther away from the school. And then I realized I was on the wrong bus!!!

I swear to you I thought every cus word in the whole world! What the freak was I doing? Where was I going? I am so pissed off! Wtf!!!

Cody's POV

I walked into my bus and then I saw her! The new girl from my first period! What the heck was she doing on my bus?

Ok this is my only chance. I need to sit by her!

"Hey can I sit here?"

Kayley jolted up. "Yea sure" She replied shyly. Omfg what am I doing??? What should I say? We sat in silence for a few minutes when I finally spoke. She was really honest with me and she told me her life story. It turns out she was in the wrong bus! "Hey do you want to come over. I can give you a ride home. What do you think?" WTF DID I JUST SAY? I am an idiot. She already hates me!

But to my surprise she said yes!

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