It started with a kiss...

Kayley is new in town.
She wants to make friends

Cody is madly in love with Kayley at first sight.

Will they stay innocent or will they do something they will regret?


5. His House

Kayleys POV

Oh my freak! Am I dreaming? Did this sexy beast really ask me to come over? He's so hot! His brown hair perfectly match his sexy brown hair. He has perfectly tan skin and is muscular. He is on the baseball team and he has the nicest butt I have ever seen!

Oh shiz! What if he has a girlfriend? Is he just being nice? Or does he like me? What if he kidnaps me? Or rapes me? Maybe I shouldn't go over. NO I am going over!!!

We got off the bus and walked over to Cody's house. Dang he is sexy! It seemed like we were getting pretty close and it felt like electricity was building up inside of us!

We got to his house and it is a mansion! No kidding it is huge! He must be a billionaire! Cody is a senior and I'm a freshman he's 18...I figured out that he has a 20 year old sister and a 6 year old brother. His brother is staying with a grandma, his sister is married, and his parents are on a cruise. He has this house all to himself. What did I get myself into?

Cody's POV

My house sucks. She is never never going to talk to me again. We got home and talked for a while. Then I walked her home. (I was going to drive her but I wanted to make my move.

We started walking to her home and then it just slipped out " Will you go out with me?" What did I just say? I am crazy. She is going to say no. "Yes baby" she replied. SCORE!

We held hands the rest of the way to her house, and when we got there, she kissed my cheek.

Kayleys POV

Maybe I won't hate my new life so much after all.

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