Love has it's own way

Everything was perfect, everything was normal, Maddison's life was like a dream come true... Until that one day, the day when Maddison Connor's mother dies. Was it her fault? Did Maddison kill her mother because she wanted to save a stupid Horse, that obviously didn't even wanted to be saved? Would her mother be still alive if Maddison wouldn't have found that Horse? A lot of questions, but no answer. She feels like breaking down any minute and never leaving her room again. And when Louis, her brother, tells her that it was all her fault and he wants to get rid of that Horse, maybe even kill it, nothing seems to make sense anymore. Life at the Connor's house isn't the easiest but will everything change when two boys come and work at their Ranch or will they make it even worse?

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This movella is my own idea and will be written only by me!


3. two.

Chapter 2


 "Here they come," my grandfather said while pointing towards a black car that came up our drive way. This is going to be fun, I can just tell them what to do and they have to do it because they are working for us! i smirked at the thought of bossing them around, even though  i didn't like the fact that they were from jail.My grandfather started walking towards the car that had just come to a stop right in front of the fence that is a few metres in front of the steps that lead to our front door.  Soon after Jack had reached the car my brothers arrived too. The first one to get out of the car was the a old men, i guess the Probation officer of the boys, after that a boy with brown curly hair got out, he was wearing black skinny jeans and a black sweater and, of course, he had a pair of black Sun Glasses. It took a while and then a blond haired boy came out, he looked very annoyed, almost like five times as annoyed as curly hair, he was wearing black skinny baggy jeans and a white shirt which said 'Fu** off' on it, he wasn't wearing Sun Glasses but a Snapback and the hook from his black leather jacked over top of it. Even tough he wasn't in front of me, i could see his bright ocean blue eyes. When i stopped thinking i realized that i was still standing at the door, starring at the guys who had just come. I slowly started walking towards the people who were now all talking to each other and greeting, except for blue eye, he was leaning against the car and looking around. Everyone had their back turned towards the blond one, when i reached them i saw that he just wanted to start smoking, of course i was the only one seeing it so i spoke to him. "You are not allowed to smoke on our property" Wow, this was embarrassing!  After i had spoken the words everyone turned towards me and then towards the blue eyed one. "Said who?" he started smirking and didn't even bother to stop what he was doing. "I did," i simply said and took a few steps towards him, took the cigarette right out of his mouth, threw it on the ground and stepped on it with my brown Cowboy boots.  I turned around on one foot and stood next to Zayn. Everyone was looking at me for a second, shocked, then turned back to their conversations. Except for me and the blond one, we just stared at each other. Our eye contact was broken by my Grandfather asking something, "Maddison have you introduced yourself already?" i smiled awkwardly and answered him, "No i haven't," i looked at all of the people and introduced myself, "I am Maddison Connor, but please call me Maddy" I started smiling towards them and their Probation officer smiled at me while answering, "I am Clint Thomas and this is Harry Styles", he said while pointing at the curly haired one. "And the other one over there is Niall Horan" He turned towards The blond one, to see him kicking stones. Niall Horan,  i couldn't stop smiling at the thought of his name. What has he done to me? By not even doing anything. 




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