Love has it's own way

Everything was perfect, everything was normal, Maddison's life was like a dream come true... Until that one day, the day when Maddison Connor's mother dies. Was it her fault? Did Maddison kill her mother because she wanted to save a stupid Horse, that obviously didn't even wanted to be saved? Would her mother be still alive if Maddison wouldn't have found that Horse? A lot of questions, but no answer. She feels like breaking down any minute and never leaving her room again. And when Louis, her brother, tells her that it was all her fault and he wants to get rid of that Horse, maybe even kill it, nothing seems to make sense anymore. Life at the Connor's house isn't the easiest but will everything change when two boys come and work at their Ranch or will they make it even worse?

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This movella is my own idea and will be written only by me!


4. three.

Chapter 3


Niall Horan!  I couldn't stop smiling at the thought of his name. What has he done to me? By not even doing anything.  Before Clint and Jack went into the house he called after us, "Maddison, Zayn and Louis could you please show them their rooms and show them around" Zayn and Louis nodded and started walking towards the Barn, i just stood there, frozen. "Maddy are you coming today or..?" Louis said while laughing, soon after that they began walking again. When I reached the boys i just walked past them without saying anything. "Maddison, where do you think you are going? We are supposed to show them around," my brother said, i could see the confusion on his face. "Did you seriously think i would show those losers around?' I chuckled a little, "I am going to ride Thunder now!" Ouch! I actually didn't want to call them losers but i was nervous and that was the only thing i could think of. Niall was hot, yes, and Harry too but i couldn't be nice to them not now! If you don't know why, i can't tell you because i don't even know why either. Niall started to laugh a little, probably at the word losers, i just ignored him. When i reached the barn i already saw Legend bucking in his Stall. I walked past him while looking for the halter and lead rope from Thunder. Soon after i started searching, i heard the boys entering the barn. "Has anyone of you seen Thunder's halter and lead rope?" I didn't look up at them, i just continued what i was doing. I heard someone walking behind me, which let me turn around, i jumped up at the sight of Shane. He is my boyfriend since 3 months, he was in Texas to work at some Ranch and he actually was supposed to come in a few weeks. "Shane what are you doing here?" I almost screamed while jumping into Shane's arms and kissing his cheek. He laughed at my reaction and let me down again after a few seconds of hugging, in his hand he held a halter and lead rope which had the name Thunder on it, "Searching for this?" he asked while holding up his hand. I took it from him and walked over to Thunder's stall. The other boys were still standing there, "you guys can go now, i found it."  Louis and Zayn had an annoyed look and Niall and Harry had a confused look, i waited a while for them to go away but after they didn't do anything i opened Thunder's stall door, and put the halter on him after i had done that and the boys still wouldn't go away i threw an annoyed look at my brothers and mouthed a 'go away' he turned around and started walking towards the stairs which lead to the room of our new workers. Before i lead Thunder outside to the aisle i connected the lead rope to the little ring that is attached to his halter. Shane just stood beside me looking around. "So, why are you here already?" I smiled at him while brushing dust off of Thunder. "Well, it's my sisters birthday tomorrow and i had to come to the party! And so do you,"he said while walking towards me and hugging me from the back. "Wait a second, did you just say that i have to come to the party?" I now had a furious look on my face, he knows that i hate his sister. "Please just this one time! Do it for me," he said with a  puppy-dog face while kissing my cheek. "First time and last time," i smiled at him for a second then turning my attention back to Thunder.




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