Love has it's own way

Everything was perfect, everything was normal, Maddison's life was like a dream come true... Until that one day, the day when Maddison Connor's mother dies. Was it her fault? Did Maddison kill her mother because she wanted to save a stupid Horse, that obviously didn't even wanted to be saved? Would her mother be still alive if Maddison wouldn't have found that Horse? A lot of questions, but no answer. She feels like breaking down any minute and never leaving her room again. And when Louis, her brother, tells her that it was all her fault and he wants to get rid of that Horse, maybe even kill it, nothing seems to make sense anymore. Life at the Connor's house isn't the easiest but will everything change when two boys come and work at their Ranch or will they make it even worse?

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This movella is my own idea and will be written only by me!


9. seven.

⇾ Chapter 7 ⇽ 


"Why?" I released my grip on his hand. "I was serious about that!" He just walked away after saying that, he didn't even look at me before leaving. I quickly threw a jacked over my arm and then walked in the kitchen. "Dad!" I shouted before jumping i the arms of my father. I haven't seen him for at least for 2 months, because he was in Toronto because of some rodeo he was in. He laughed at my reaction and spun me around. "How was the rodeo? Did you win?" He let me down and nodded, "Of coarse, I won everything!!!" I began to smile. After the chat with my father i turned to the table and realized Niall wasn't here. My mind said it was the best thing that could've happened, but my heart said something different. For god's sake Maddison, you have a boyfriend!!!  I quickly shook my head to get him out of my mind. After eating a wonderful made dinner my grandfather told me to show Harry how we are doing the night round in the barn. Obviously i said yes and i soon found myself showing Harry how to feed the horses. "Where is Niall?" I asked, but immediately regretted it. "You have a boyfriend, act like it." He snapped before turning around to face me.  Was he being serious right now? "Why do you care if i have a boyfriend? I can do whatever I want." We had a staring contest by now. "That's the point, i don't care. However i don't want Niall to hurt you." I will never be able to understand guys!  "You are weird, and so is Niall." I smiled a little before patting the horse in front of me. "Remember what happened the last time you said something like that to me?" I turned my head around to see a blond figure standing at the frame of our barn doors. He slowly stepped into the light and a smirk spread across his face. "Leave her alone Niall," Harry sighed. My knees started to get weak, my whole body was shaking and i was unable to move.




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