Love has it's own way

Everything was perfect, everything was normal, Maddison's life was like a dream come true... Until that one day, the day when Maddison Connor's mother dies. Was it her fault? Did Maddison kill her mother because she wanted to save a stupid Horse, that obviously didn't even wanted to be saved? Would her mother be still alive if Maddison wouldn't have found that Horse? A lot of questions, but no answer. She feels like breaking down any minute and never leaving her room again. And when Louis, her brother, tells her that it was all her fault and he wants to get rid of that Horse, maybe even kill it, nothing seems to make sense anymore. Life at the Connor's house isn't the easiest but will everything change when two boys come and work at their Ranch or will they make it even worse?

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This movella is my own idea and will be written only by me!


2. one.

Chapter 1


"Maddison, please just listen to us! He almost hurt you, and it wasn't the first time this happened!" Louis ,my brother, told me to stay away from this Horse for about the 500th time, but as you could think, i never listened to any of his words. "Give up Maddy, there is no hope for him! He is just going to kill you, just like he killed our mother!"We were standing in front of the Stable of Legend while he continued talking and i was just about to explode. "He didn't kill her," i screamed right into his face, "How do you dare say that? It is not Legend's fault Louis! And i am not thinking about giving him up! Just understand that!" I quickly turned around and started to walk towards the barn doors. Just as i was about to take a step into the hot gravel way, i turned around to see Louis standing at the same spot he did when we started our conversation, he hasn't moved an inch. "And. Don't. You. Dare. Think. About. Doing. Anything. To. Him." I spoke every word like it was it's own sentence. Louis still had no expression on his face, so i just turned around again and left the barn with quick steps. I felt like i could break down and start crying, right here, in the middle of our yard. I ran across our yard towards my grandfather, who just came out of the door, a warm smile slid across his face. When i reached him i quickly stopped running and fell into his arm which soon after pulled me into a warm grandpa hug. "Someone's in a hurry", he laughed a little while speaking, i chuckled a little as response. "You know, i kind of have to tell you something Maddison.", he screeched  the back of his head and looked at me. "Go ahead" I send a small smile after telling him. He took a deep breath and started explaining, "Well, before your mom had her accident she thought about adjusting two boys to work at the Ranch, you know just like 5 years ago, and well after a while, she did."   Well, that didn't sound too bad, I thought to myself.  I smiled at my thought, but it quickly faded when i remembered something. "Wait, but they are not from jail are they?"  You must know that we had a few boys who worked here 5 years ago, and they were from jail but my mother wanted to give them another chance, and well they caused a lot of trouble. He didn't answer me, so i understood just by his look that our new workers are from jail. I saw that Louis and Zayn were coming from the barn, both of them were jogging towards us "Here they come," my grandfather said while pointing towards a black car that came up our drive way. This is going to be fun, I can just tell them what to do and they have to do it because they are working for us! i smirked at the thought, even though i didn't like the fact that they were from jail.



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