Love has it's own way

Everything was perfect, everything was normal, Maddison's life was like a dream come true... Until that one day, the day when Maddison Connor's mother dies. Was it her fault? Did Maddison kill her mother because she wanted to save a stupid Horse, that obviously didn't even wanted to be saved? Would her mother be still alive if Maddison wouldn't have found that Horse? A lot of questions, but no answer. She feels like breaking down any minute and never leaving her room again. And when Louis, her brother, tells her that it was all her fault and he wants to get rid of that Horse, maybe even kill it, nothing seems to make sense anymore. Life at the Connor's house isn't the easiest but will everything change when two boys come and work at their Ranch or will they make it even worse?

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This movella is my own idea and will be written only by me!


5. four.

Chapter 4


So, i just agreed to go to the birthday party of the girl i hate, the sister of my lovely boyfriend. I am just so stupid! 

I had just finished brushing Thunder and then put on the Saddle. Shane had left a few minutes ago because he had to buy a birthday present for his sister. I grabbed the reins and started leading Thunder towards our Outdoor Riding Arena. It still had the barrels for barrel racing in it, when i was done training i never put them away because i literally do it a lot. I lead Thunder in the middle of the Arena and checked his girth. I put my foot into the stirrup, afterwards pushing myself up and landing in my comfortable western saddle. I started warming up and trotted Thunder around after i was done with my little warming up session i started to squeeze him into a slow gallop and started to get him used to the barrels. It was the first time he actually trained with the barrels, he came to out Ranch 2 weeks ago and i was supposed to get him to be a good barrel racer. I saw Jack coming towards me with the two boys behind him.  Thunder was still in a very slow gallop while going around the barrels. When Jack, Niall and Harry had reached me i quickly shouted to Jack before he could leave, "Grandpa, can you just help me?" I slowed Thunder down into a trot while i was going towards the three guys, i got to a halt right in front of them. "Sure, with what?" He agreed to helping me. "I really want to try to barrel race Thunder now. I warmed him up and got him used to the barrels and for the first time with the barrels he did pretty good, so now i want to try to actually start in the box. So can you please open the gate for me?" He laughed a little and nodded slightly before walking towards the boxes for the barrel race start. After Jack had left to the boxes Niall and Harry leaned against the fence, probably thinking they were the best. "You guys can help Jack opening the gate, he could need some help." I squeezed my legs together causing Thunder to start walking, i pulled him towards Jack who already reached the boxes, and started trotting to him and saw Niall and Harry following. Short after i reached the boxes and placed Thunder in his spot, Niall and Harry had come and stood beside Jack. "Ok, what do we do?" Harry asked in confusion. Jack explained what they were supposed to do and they got in their spot. "Are you nervous?" Jack asked with a comforting smile on his face. I knew why he asked, the last time i was in here was with a different Horse and i helped my brother training Team Penning, when i got into the Cow herd i got stuck with my knee, on a cow, causing it to twist and then i was in the hospital for a few weeks and i couldn't ride for about 2 months which was horrible. I knew Jack saw that i was a little bit nervous, that's why he asked, but even though i am a little bit afraid, this time i am doing barrel racing and i don't think i can twist my knee by doing that. Hopefully. "I'm good" i gave a quick smile to my Grandfather and then turned my head towards my target, the first barrel. I nodded my head causing them to oped the gate, Thunder shot out of the box and practically flew towards the first barrel, i turned him around that one and then i already found myself heading for number three. After i had passed it he actually knew where to go and i just set him free and trusted him to go the right way. 




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