Arctic// Luke Hemmings

"The realization that she's gone hit me like a blast of cold air,like in the arctic.That's how I live my life."


1. Prolouge

This isn't okay.It's never okay.

"Luke, we need to talk." Was the words I heard, and I knew it was over.I knew all that we had been building up over the past couple years, is gone.Down the drain from one stupid mistake.

My heart is pounding, as I walk closer to her beautiful shadowy figure.In this dim street lighting, I couldn't recondnize anybody, but I could always recodnize her curvy, yet the most beautiful, body.

I step under the yellow-tinted street light, and get a good look at her.She is wearing a long black coat,and black heels with black tights and leather gloves.Her  medium-length hair is in ringlets over her shoulders, and she is wearing red lipstick.She is the definition of beauty.Tears flowing down her cheeks, as she makes the occasional sniffle.

"L-Luke.I think we should ta-take a break.I-" She starts, but I cut her off mid sentence.

"I'm sorry." I interrupt.

"Well, I'm not going to scream, or yell.I'm just going to be somewhat civilized.I think we need to see other people, looks like you have already gotten started on it." She says, tears still streaming down her face.

I don't argue.I don't say anything.We just stand there in silence for a few moments.I see small snow flurries coming down all around us, she shivers from the cold.

I can't take it anymore, I feel like an animal caged up in a zoo.I grab her by her waist, bringing her closer to me.I place my lips onto hers passionatly, not letting go of her waist.Our lips move in sync, as I try to take in the fact that this is our last kiss.Our last touch.And possibly our last ineraction.

She breaks the kiss, looking at me with her big brown eyes.She takes a stap back, before speaking one last time.

"Goodbye, Luke.I love you."

She turns and leaves me, snow falling all around me, and i'm speechless.I can't process it, my brain is numb.The only thing I can think of is her.

It is midnight.I sit down on the concreate, sobbing softly.



so that is the prolouge.I bet that if you read this while listening to 'Fall For You' by Secondhand Serenade, you will cry.Fall for you is also the song that this fanfic is kinda..based off of.


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