In the Dark

Mellony, age 12, is just trying to figure out who she is, what happened to her brother, Max age 16, to make him clam up in his shell. She is a happy person until He finds her. He is her worst nightmare.


3. Chapter 3.

"It all started last months, in third period English. A new boy was in our class. The only empty seat in the room was next to me."

"After English was lunch, so I invited Allen to sit with me and my friends. At the time he seemed nice. Every one likes him, he was funny, intelligent, kind, and traded good food for leaser food. He seemed perfect."

"That went on for about two weeks. One day on the way to lunch, Allen asks me if i want to go on a date. I said yes, and we hold hands the rest of the was to lunch." I stop her so I can breath.

"That Saturday we went miniature golfing and had a small picnic. It was amazing. At school on Monday he gave me a locket, with a picture of us in it. It was the nicest gift I had received in a long time."

"Things were great until three days ago. I saw Allen with another girl, I was heart broken. Before English that day I asked him about it and he said that we were nothing and I shouldn't even care. I ran away to cry."

"I spent the ready of the day in the bathroom. I didn't want to do any thing. Every day Allen has bin taunting me and it keeps getting worst. I am in the dark now."

When I finished saying this I started to cry again. That's when I noticed my mom.

"Honey, why didn't you tell me. Should I call this Allen's parents?" She asked.

"No," I whispered,"He doesn't have parents, he is the Devil."

"Mellony, you feel better?"Max asked me.

"A little, I just want it all to stop." I took a large breath." I'm stronger then him and he won't be getting to me any more." In my head I added 'or so I hope.'

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