Someone worth fighting for (Andy beirsack love story)

Being the 23 year sister of Oliver Sykes is great into one year he brings me on tour with him and my friend and I met the one and only andy beirsack everything gose wonderful into I fell in love with my savior knowing oli doesn't really like me dateing rock boy but can I make him relizie he's someone for me or will I lose this battle and the love of my life at it


4. Warped tour

                                 Lucy pov 

        I was sitting in my room like I normally do playing video games with oli my big brother. As I was beating him Hayley his lovely girlfriend tackled me in a hug and I lost the video game. "Was this a plan or on pourpose?" I asked as she just smiled and said "the secound one". I just laughed and got off my bed to the kitchen when I over head oli and Hayley talking. 

"When are you gonna ask her" Hayley's voice rang through my ears as I say and wonder tell me what exactly ?

"soon Hayley " oli said as I inched closer to my room 

"you need to tell her soon " Hayley said  "tell her now like right this instant "

    I quickly raced down the stairs and to the kitchen grabbing a rootbeer out of the fridge . 

"Lucy" oli said walking into the kitchen 

"yes big brother " I said sitting on the counter of the kitchen 

"we'll you see I'm going on your again soon and this time I was mabey hoping you would come with me this time since you always wanted to see pierce the veil and black veil brides" he said . 

"I would love to go to warped with my big brother" I said smiling 

"good cuz we leave next week" he said and walked away 

            I sat on the kitchen counter think why would he want me to go on your with him he could

take Hayley . That's when Hayley walked in and stared in horror. 

"Oliver come down quick Lucy haveing. A panic attack " she yelled 

       I didn't notice that then I relized I had my phone in my hands a twitter was up an I was scrolling. Through the hate every time I have a panic attack . Oli came racking down the stairs and stared at me with the same horror in Hayley's face . I wouldn't know why for when I have my panic attacks I don't relize it into that moment where I can't breath. But I usually only have panic attacks from large clouds or worry to much about things or when someone has a fight. 

   "Lucy calm down " oli voice rang through my ears as I was shaken badly and my big brother was stroken my back and I started calming down and soon fell asleep in his soft embrace. 

                                         Oliver's  pov

                                    I cheeked my sisters twitter and sighed when I saw the hate but i don't think that's what caused her panic attack. I think  she was having a panic attack over why invited her and not Hayley. my baby sister was currently asleep her head was in Hayley's lap and she was stoking her hair. them two our like the best friends ever she always gets scared when we get into a fight. I mean I practically raised my baby sister so she looks up to Hayley as a mother figure.  Oscar is laying cuddled up to Lucy and Hayley was starting to fall asleep her self. I told her to go bed that ill stay down her with Lucy for the night she went and got us blankets but i didn't take them cuz i carried Lucy to her bed as Oscar got into bed with my sister. i smiled and climbed in next to her. the doctor always said for one of us to stay with her when shes having a panic attack and lately that's been a lot she's worrying to much.  but you have to love her for it cuz sometimes it comes in handy. i started falling asleep my self when Oscar  got in between my little sister and myself.


                                       ~next day~



                                     Lucy's  P.O.V.


                 I woke up next to my brother and Oscar the dog.


"well good morning how did you sleep Lucy"  my older brother asked

"great" I replied the truth was I slept perfect last night. he smiled at the comment.

"Good im glad" he said kissing my forehead and getting up which made Oscar growel from under the covers i giggled as my brother muttered damn dog.i got out of bed and dressed in a band t-shirt and some shorts and put on my converses and put in my band bracelets and walked down the stairs to see oli and Hayley snogging. " gross" i muttered as they laughed. i stuck out my tounge  as they returned it.  god don't you just love freaken family?

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