Not All Hero's Wear Capes

Pain. Is that what i'm feeling? I honestly couldn't tell you at this point. I'm feeling something that isn't happiness. My life is one huge mess. & he claims that he'll fix it. Yeah right.


1. I'm Gone.

"Jessa Grace Marcum." My principal called my name. I stood up out of my seat and got my diploma. Finally I thought, I'm done with this stupid school. I can just focus on singing and Youtube videos. Before I knew it, we were throwing our hats up in the air. I was really upset since my sister wasn't able to be here for my graduation because she was deployed in Iraq. I turned to walk out of the gym, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see my sister. I tried not to cry while we hugged. I haven't seen her in almost three years! "I missed you so much Autumn." I say. "I've missed you more Jess." she whispered. Me, Autumn, my mom, and my Brother Justin went out to eat at some Italian restaurant. We walked in to hear billions of girls screaming. I turn to walk out but my mom pulls my arm and drags me to a booth. The waitress took our orders and left. There where girls everywhere crying and screaming. I decide to go see what's going on. "Um, I gotta go pee." I say and get up and leave my seat. I push through the crowd, getting some rude comments. I didn't really care though. I couldn't whoop all of 'em. I get close to the bathrooms when a girl pushes me down. I jump up and get ready to hit her when a boy takes my hand and pulls me on to a stage thingy. I look around none other than the Magcon boys standing around me. This must be a dream considering Cam, Nash, Carter, and Hayes left a while back and they're here too. I search the crowd for that girl I was fixing to hit. I couldn't find her. I felt a tap on my shoulder only to turn around to see her. "Anna please say your sorry to... um..." "Jessa. My names Jessa but just call me Jess." I speak up. "I'm sorry Jenna.. or whatever your name is." Anna says in a preppy mean girl way. "Sweetheart, you're really askin' for me to hit you." I say in a really southern drawl. "What are you some hillbillies born in a ditch." "OH MY GOD!" Nash yelled. I walked off stage while looking at my hand. Hoping I didn't get any make up on it from hitting her nose so hard. I walked back to my table to see my sister grinning at me. "What?" I ask. "Why are you always hittin' people?" She gets out with laughter at the end. "Cause she pushed me down." I say sweetly. "I never even got to go pee". I got up and all the crazy girls had cleared out as soon as the boys left. As I walk to the bathroom I see the boys sneak in. I laugh and they all run up to me. I saw Taylor and my stomach did flips. "God bless America." I said quietly.

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