Only Human

her name is Rhiannon Halee Paige, when she was 22 just of gotten out of military to come see her family, a horrible disease spread slowly killing off many of the people she loved and more. 2 years later every one in new york and all around it was gone. she didn't understand why she was immune to the disease. but she did understand one thing. If there were more like her she needed to find them.
She also understood that anything could happen to her because she might of been a soldier but she, in fact Was only human.


1. My Story So Far

My name is Rhiannon Halee Paige. I prefer to be called Ree even though sadly there is no one around to call me it. Let me help you get straight whats happened to me so far. 

I was born in Ridgewood City, New York. Two years after my birth my father found a job as a mechanic in New York city, so we found a nice 3 bedroom apartment on a street known as 91st avenue. It wasn't a fancy living space but it did the job its only flaws were the graffiti on the outsides of the building, yielding words and "art" no child should ever lay eyes on, but yet i still called it home. My years in elementary weren't perfect yet weren't bad either. middle school was hard for me though. Being teased for my good grades and the way i behaved, What they called perfect. Highschool was hard in the sense of work, i had two friends who were also geeks like me. They were two sisters named Becky and Brayla Everson, But they moved away in my seinor year. My college years went perfectly fine for me at UC Davis. My dad had joined the military when i was in college but, when we got the notice in the mail that i would't be seeing my dad again in my 2cd year of college made it so hard for me to finish, but at last i did. after my college years i decided to join the military so i could fight for the hundreds who had died in it and most dad. After being in Iraq for 3 years i finally was getting shipped home. last time i had seen my mom was when i was 21, now she'd see me grown up 24 years old and a soldier. about a few months later  we started getting recorded calls and shows on the news of a deadly disease called  Blecothia Oculi or black eye. it was when your inside of your body got infected by the disease and your eye turns completley black. it had gotten so bad people were stocking up on food and locking their doors and never leaving the house, dead bodies were piled everywhere our population decreasing daily. i never got sick. A specilest took blood samples from me and studied them. my mother recieved a phone call saying i was immune but she wasn't. Knowing she wouldn't make it we spent every minute together. she caught it 2 months later and died within a day. I was heartbroken. just the thought i would never see her again made me feel like i would throw up. Almost everyone in my town was gone. But i was still there. 

I am a fighter

i am a soldier

But i am only human

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