Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


1. The candle

When Hermione woke up Ron was already at her feet wishing her a happy birthday. Thanks she mused as she lay beneath him. What are you doing sleepy head get up. Mione are you okay asked harry. Of course she's not pot head she's dating the weaslet. Piss off Malfoy snapped Ron. It's okay Ron I'm fine she patted his arm. Okay I well better get dressed she mumbled. She decided to wear a gold and red dress shirt to match her Gryifandor status. along with some muggle jeans and some flashy silver earrings. you look beautiful mione said Ron sweetly. okay don't crowd the poor girl said molly firmly. do you want something to drink? I'm fine Ginny  she said breathless. are you sure asked Ginny you look dreadful. Ginny! molly warned. you are all right dear? fine Hermione mumbled. You should open your present now said Ron with enthusiasm. Ron snapped Molly let the girl breath. as she sat there Ron tried desperately to calm her down, Mione  your okay I'm here right here he cooed. that's why she's sick pea brain you've been sticking your awful tongue down her throat. why you senseless bastard. wow when did the sheweasel change her tune let me see was it when she decided she wasn't getting enough he asked with a smirk on his face. Ron lunged at him without warning. Ronald weasley yelled Molly as loud as she possibly could. stop this nonsense both of you. would you like to lay down dear? um... I'm fine just really sick of their fighting.  ok dear I'll take care of them you just need to rest a minute alright.  and you said molly next time I will let him kick your ass  if I hear one more snide remark your out. Fine I'd better go anyway he said walking out the door. what Draco Hermione tried please don't do this. let him go he's not worth it Hermione.  Molly lead Hermione upstairs to her room. you  unbearable git Ginny yelled  after him. I don't have time for this he snapped. well make time because I will not have you treat her like this. Leave me alone weasley! First of all my name is Ginny! second just because your a spoiled ferret doesn't mean you get to make us miserable. He kept walking. You son of a Death Eater she screamed loudly. He turned around and was headed in her direction. Don't you ever talk about my father Weasley or I will have you a one way ticket to Azkaban. Go ahead Malfoy I could carless what you want to do to me. By then Draco was fed up without another word he through a purple box at  her and said give that to Granger its her birthday present.

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