Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


8. now or never

Stare much asked a long haired slytherin girl when she walked into the corridor. What is it you want Mudblood I'm busy getting ready for a date with Blaise this afternoon. Strange said Amy with a smirk. I thought Draco would be your first choice. Well just because you and every other girl are wanting him to jump your bones doesn't mean I have the same intention. It's actually rather amusing of course he is a pure blood but as much as you want him to eat you up like Betty botts every flavor beans even you can do better granger. So you don't like Draco even a little? No you blithering flusy I do not like the "slytherin sex god" as you filthy sluts put it. Really you outta try him sometime he's sooo good. really? Ha you do like him! I tire of the stupid game go play with your boy toy granger. It's Malfoy. What!? It's Amy. Amy Malfoy that's my name. You idiot. You where loyal to my father once please. No Lucius Malfoy is not your father! So I suggest that you stop telling people that. I'm saying this to help you granger he's not a very well liked man anymore and it won't buy you any favors you'll get your ass kicked. You think I tell people who my uncle was no! Who was your uncle? Who do you think? My fathers stuck in Azkaban. He's better there then here trust me. He gave you up for a good reason to protect you. So stay away from him Amy or otherwise you'll both be done for. With that she turned and walked away. That night at dinner Narcissa was very upset. Why did you tell Priscilla Nott that you were our daughter?! I mean are you trying to write your own death sentence Amy? No mom I'm trying to free my father. What!? So you asked her to brake in? No I didn't get to that part. She said I get my ass kicked. Well she's damn right you very well might. Yeah well I want my father I want you and Draco for heavens sake were is that boy? He's in diagon ally. Sweetheart you can't go in there without a plan. I have one. Which is? I'm going to brake my father out of that shit hole and then I'm going to find the Bastard that started all this and put an end to him. Wow sis you shocked me not thinking logically are we? Screw logic!!! She said rattling him by the shoulders. Ok mom what happened? Nothing Darling come and eat. As she served him his Alfredo and herb chicken she gave Amy a mad glance. What was that about mom asked Amy the night she lay in her new bed. Which a had silk bed sheets and a fancy comforter. You should be more careful Amy you could get yourself killed. Goodnight said Narcissa softly with a kiss on the head. The next mourning Draco was pouring a cup of coffee when Amy came down. Mourning aims. Mourning are you ready? Ready for what? He asked nervously. To go change Priscilla's mind. Priscilla Nott are you bloody serious?! Yes I need her Draco don't you want our father back? He looked and then said Grang...Amy look our father would kill us if... Please Draco. I can't

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