Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


9. Now or never part 2

When Draco found Priscilla in the great hall she was eating tacos and talking to pansy about quittech con. Yes asked Priscilla. Hey pris can I talk to you? Alone? Strange you never used to shoe me away Draco we used to be friends but oh well see you in potions pris she walked away with tears in her eyes. What do you want ?! I need to do me a favor. I told your little flusy the same thing No I'm done with helping people it never ends good and you need tell that skimpy sister of yours to stop begging for scraps it's pathetic. Please! I just need this one thing that's it I'll give you anything. Pass the sour cream she said ignoring his desperation. Thanks she said to him. Why do you even try asking for stupid things Malfoy your sad . She took one more bite before speaking. Look Malfoy if you want to keep that little boy snogger safe you need to tell her to keep her nose out of things it shouldn't be in. Hey pris said Blaise sweetly. Hey she looked at him with glittering eyes and a pouty smirk. You'll have to excuse me Draco she said politely then turned and left. What I'm I gonna do he pondered Amy would be upset if he couldn't help her and his mother would bury him alive if she knew he tried. Suddenly he realized a little gold key was sitting there and he knew what it was for. When he got home Narcissa was in a panic . Were have you been? Bloody hell Draco you gave us a fright! I was seeing an old friend you? Trying to convince mother of my plan to free our father. Oh Amy you need to think rationally about this it's not possible darling you'll get yourself killed. I will not ! The next day Draco and Amy set off for Azkaban. Oooh look pretty boy your family's come to save you she said cackling to herself. No no she can't she'll get herself killed. He tried fighting the confinement seal though it wouldn't budge. You can't save her now said the cold voice. She's mine. You bastard!! Lucius stop fighting him you'll get her killed faster. Amy lookout yelled Draco. Avada Kadava . Amy!! She lay there lifelessly. No please Amy wake up please he screamed. No oo voldomort cackled. Stupid boy you should've never come back here. That was my daughter you bastard!!!!!!!!!! AVADA KADAVA !!!!! You fool l can not be killed I am an original vampire . Oh yes you can you devils spawn. Then suddenly a white oak stake was driven through his heart. Lucius stood motionless as he watched. You were the hell I had to pay for taking love I did not deserve Cole was the man of dreams but to this day I pity him. She shoved him out of sight. When the malfoys got home they cleaned Amy up and put her in the most beautiful tafida dress. Narcissa sat weeping for hours. I'm sorry mother was all Draco could get out. I told her not too. She sat and held her hand for this was and would always be her baby.

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