Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


2. Narcissa's advice

 That sick... what's wrong asked Ginny. Hermione was staring at the bracelet Ron had given her. Its okay said Ginny noticing the tear drop running down her cheek.  Uh... Malfoy got you this though I cant promise its not hexed. she took the box and opened the wrapping in it was a beautifully made candle it was thick with a golden 17  on it. its wonderful  she beamed. I guess maybe he's not so bad after all, I feel so sorry for Pansy Parkinson she must be as sick of his crap as I am said Ginny smirking. That is if she still  puts out for him. Oh stop it there just friends you nitwit Leave him alone! Well I didn't know I was talking to Mrs.Malfoy she continued to smirk. Stop it yelled Hermione. Oh Draco Ginny moaned playfully you are soooo sexy come and get me take me all of me. Ginny please stop seriously. Fine whatever you say Mrs.Malfoy. After  Ginny left  Hermione sat fixing her Hair and looking at the candle in its holder. Meanwhile at Malfoy manner. What is it Draco you've barley even touched your lunch asked Narcissa. It's Granger she doesn't deserve that disgusting weasel. That is none of our concern Draco. So My little sister is none of my concern!? Yes she's never been your concern Draco and she's not your sister! Yes she is Amy is mine. Don't you call her by that name Draco she snapped. Her name is Hermione Granger and that's what it always will be do you understand? No I do not she's my sister and she has a right to know. You realize she has a life friends a boyfriend. You'd break her heart if you told her. No I wouldn't mother. She deserves a mother. She has a mother Draco and a father. Believe me I wanted to keep her but I just couldn't the dark lord would have killed her. She would've been here with you with me and father. She would've been beat and torcherd. That is not a life I would choose for my child to have. Please Draco she cooed leave her be.

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