Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


3. hermione's wish

Hi mione said Draco politely. What are you doing here!? You realize Ron will Have a fit if he finds out your here. I don't care what the weasel bee thinks I'm yours always he said kissing her hand. I don't like how you say that Draco. We're just friends you know. You are such a know it all granger. Well you need to leave before Ron finds out or he'll kick your... I know what he thinks he can do to me but he won't do anything. I wouldn't be so sure Draco you really pissed him off. I don't care. Of course you don't care you never care she snapped. What's going on asked Ron and Ginny both. Nothing he was just leaving. Oh hey Ginny is it he smirked. Come to throw me in Azkaban ferret boy? Or did you decide against it for fear of messing up that pretty face? The only pretty face here that needs protection is yours. Watch it Malfoy snapped Hermione. Suddenly Draco kissed her very passionately and Ron couldn't help it. He socked Draco in the face, his nose bled and he had the most angers expression on his face. Then he mocked Ron to the floor. Molly ran into the room and quickly tried to brake up the fight. ENOUGH!!! Yelled Molly loudly. He kissed her. What!? Draco kissed Hermione. You did what!? I kissed Am.. Granger. You kissed Ron's girlfriend. Out!! You prat Ginny whispered. Once he was out Molly went to make lunch and Ginny sat there with her. Are you okay? No!! Moine? I'm not okay I feel like crap Ginny. Okay well Malfoy is leaving so you'll be okay right? No I want my family back I want my mom. I need my mother she sobbed. It's okay Hermione you'll be fine. Can I get you something? Yes please she replied get me a lighter. When Ginny returned Hermione was already by the dresser. Here said Ginny. Yell for me if you need anything else.Oh trust me I won't she mumbled under her breath. She read the directions carefully. Step1. Place the candle directly in the holder, Step2.ignight a flame, Step3. Remember to speak very clearly and take caution for the magic in this candle will only work once the wish will be permanent by midnight to reverse it read the spell aloud. Alright she continued let's do this she lit the candle and took a breath the flame so close to her fingers. I wish to regain what I lost before the war occurred. With that she blew out the candle and fell onto the bed. She rushed to turn on the lights but the switch wouldn't budge. Ginny help me! She screamed. Granger do you have to be so bloody loud? Granger your hystarical what's wrong? I want my Mother? What? Get me my mother she screamed in his ear. I don't know where she is dammit! Please she sobbed please. Bloody Hell Granger he said as he left the room. Has anyone seen Granger's mother? Why you idiot. Her turned around to see his mother at the table. My child needs me she said rushing to the bedroom. When she returned she was with a distraught Hermione. You scared your sister half to death. Amy are you alright? Amy what? My name is Hermione. No your name is Amy dear said Molly firmly. What? Narcissa is your biological mother.

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