Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


6. Fatherdearest

Lucius I mean your father will be so happy to see you dear. Just take care of her alright? Alright weasel bee chill out. No you piss off he said trying to go at him. That's enough Ronald. Now you'll still see her you know. Are you ready dear asked Narcissa. Yes mother. Be careful said Ginny hugging her. Stay ginger said Amy. Stay blonde she replied. They with a pop and crack they were gone. They soon found themselves in diagon ally. Hello pansy said Narcissa with a sweet tone. Hello Narcissa she beamed. Once they were in flourish and blotts Amy began to scan the potion books. Most potant potions grade 7 and wishful thinking remedies grade 4. She started to stack books into her arms. Hey Amy said a very short 7th year. Excuse me? Amy. Harmony don't fraternize with this mud blood . You idiot garret this is Amy Malfoy. What harmony you are the idiot this is... Granger. Amy time to get going. Bye Harmony chirped. When they got to The Azkaban entry way Narcissa was in tears. His cell was on the end of the Third corridor. Narcissa he beamed. what are you doing here?! Lucius she tried. I'm here to meet my father. You're father is not here you innsolent brat! You're her father you dumbass don't you recognize your own child. No..No you swore we'd never speak of it again. She kept close to her mother as she watched the man she thought she'd always hate. Though now all she felt was guilt and sympathy for him. Child he beckend to her come over here he said reaching out his hand. She hesitated but then did as she was told. He breathed in then he laughed. You don't know how it feels.. To Find out that your wife was with child and then have to run and hide like a little mouse. I was like scum beneath his feet you know I hated the man. Though he must have been the spawn of.. Lucius Mind your tongue. What he is and the bastard knows it too. I'm not interested in your hatred for voldomort. Well isn't someone being forward. Just get to the point. What point? Tell Me Why The Hell you gave me up in the first place. Wow someone's got tact. Yeah that's all you said an eerie voice. You suck by the way I didn't even get a kiss this mourning. What did you decide to just Hit and Run? Enough Bellatrix! She's a .. I'm a what Lucius? A noisy obnxtious .. Ok ok I get it but blondy boy better cool his jets he has been so grumpy lately since you left. Enough Bellatrix he scolded. Ooh you need resistance my friend. I'd get a collar for your new dog sweetheart. Bella please asked Narcissa. Sorry cissy she deserved to know. Will you get to the point? What point luscious he asked stroking her cheek. It's okay sweets daddy's here now. You sick bastard Amy retorted. Language baby didn't your mother ever teach you? What?! I suppose she didn't then. It's you who needs manners hitting on your on daughter. Please shut up and get over here? Absolutely Not ! Narcissa calm her down. Why are you in here she fought out. Why do you think you and your little sidekicks put me in here. What that's not true!? Oh but it is he said with a smirk.

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