Waiting on seventeen

It's Hermione's birthday and she is given one wish. There is one thing that she's ever wanted since the war ended a family but will everything be the same?


7. Fatherdearest part 2

Sweetheart your daddy's mind is very Facinicated do you really want that? Yes I most certainly do! Aww this place is screwing with your little mind isn't it? Amy what's wrong she knelt down beside her daughter yelling and screeching in pain. Get her out of her said Lucius get her out they can hear her thoughts! Who? His followers go get her out he yelled. Cissy yelled Bellatrix. Lucius seethed a cold voice. Come to me. You Stupid muggle hating Bastard come out of hiding. I don't have the strength I need you my friend. The voice got closer. Please.... Lucius! You'll get yourself killed please. No Bellatrix I can't risk my child's life. Your child? Aw daddy's little gumdrop hmm? News flash jackass she's never going to want to see you again you and your little teenage boy tactics since when did you become a womanizer who played with ..Muggle borns SILENCE!! will you join me? Yes my Lord said Bellatrix what will you have me do?

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