Meeting 5SOS


3. Wake up

Alex's POV

I woke up in the morning felling someone's arm around me.Then I saw Luke and smiled I untangled my self from him got up and wore Luke's shirt Took my clothes kissed him then left to my room. I changed to my shortest short and an oversized t-shirt so no one suspect anything I took off Luke's shirt and put it for laundry. I went downstairs and decided to make them breakfast PANCAKES so while is was cooking I found my self thinking about Luke. Until I heard talking from the hallway so I thought it would be the boys and they were Calum, Ashton, and Michael but no sign of Luke... "Good Morning Lads" I say "Morning" they said. "So what today's breakfast" Calum asked. "Pancakes"I said they all came rushing to me taking pancakes."Why so hungry" I smirked."hahahaha not funny at all" he said then we all started laughing. I asked them where is Luke they said he's still sleeping so I went to wake him up. As entered his room he was asleep he looked like an angel that fell from above. I walked to his bed and started shaking him "Luke it's time to wake up" He still didn't wake up and I kept saying "Luke" till he woke up and saw me he smiled at me,GOD, why does he have to be sexy. Just a second remember sitting beside Luke in bed and know he flipped me over so his on top of me I smiled and said that we are waiting for him down but stayed on top of me staring into my eyes I did the same. Finally he spoke up and said " I'd me more of a morning person if I woke next to you" I started blushing. Then he kissed me. I pushed and now he is laying beside me I got up and told him he needs to get down for breakfast they're all waiting for him. He just nodded and smiled at me.

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