Meeting 5SOS


1. The meet up

Hi my name is Alex I'm 17 yrs old I have purple ombré hair, green eyes, I work as a Victoria secret model because my cousin says i have a really fit body and she works there, I have 3 best friends and my life is amazing!!

Alex POV

I was standing there holding the sign for them that said "5SOS" in black sharpie and listening to music. I was wearing a black crop top and shorts with a black flannel wrapped around my waist and black combat boots.

After years if waiting I finally saw them. I'm not a fan or anything really. I just stood their waiting for them to come to me."Are you Alex?" Ashton asked. "Maybe..........Yes I am" I said, then laughed and hugged him. Then I hugged Michael, Calum, then Luke when we let go my eyes met his blue ocean eyes he was just so PERFECT. Then Calum cleared his throat letting us break eye contact."Soo, where are we staying"Calum asked."My place..let's go to the car." I said.

~Skip the car ride~

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