Meeting 5SOS


2. The Kiss

We have finally arrived my house I came from a rich family and I live alone In a big mansion. We got out of the car and I swear I could see the look on their faces they had thief mouth open wide, till I cleared my throat."Haven't you seen a house before" I said. " Yes but your 17 how come" Ashton said. I swear I could see luke looking at me.I shrugged and lead them to my front door as I opened the door I heard Luke whisper"fucking amazing".OMG he's so handsome no no I can't fall for him. It was late so I told them they should take a rest so I lead all of them one by one to their own suite and finally I was on Luke's door giving him his door key I swear he's looking at me but I can't look. As I opened the lock I told Luke good night but he didn't say anything he just cupped my cheek and gave me a kiss. I pulled away the kiss fast slapped him and started to walk slowly realizing what the fuck just happened. And Luke just stood there looking.i stopped and I just realized that Luke hemmings kissed me. I came came to him rushing as I grabbed his shirt and started kissing him he didn't hold back he kissed back. I bit his lower lips as I got pinned to the wall and he was kissing my neck I bit my lips so I can't moan. He lifted me up and our lips found their way to each other his kiss ,god, was soft passionate everything it was like my dream kiss any girl wanted and it felt so right With Luke. We were on his bed he was on top of me his necklace was right in my face I pulled it down so Luke could kiss me ,God, it felt so good as I tightened my grip on his hair and started kissing his neck. I started unbuttoning his shirt "FUCK" I said. " Like what you see" Luke said. I nodded and he pulled my shirt up and my jeans down we started a make out session and ended it. We laid beside each other for a while as I got up and started taking my clothes of the floor Luke said"Sleep with me please only for tonight" I just nodded and went with bed with him as I closed my eyes I felt two hands wrapping around me. I smiled And went to sleep..

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