Meeting 5SOS


4. The Dare

We ate breakfast peacefully and Luke showed up. Then I heard a door bell ring we all in PJs who would in the morning this time. As I opened the door I saw them my besties Bethany, Zoella, Cara. They all attacked me with hugs till I fell on the floor and them on-top of me. The boys started laughing at me then came Luke and helped me up he winked and I just smiled at him. The girls knew where rooms are cause this isn't the first time they come here so I just told them to settle in. The moment they went to their rooms Calum,Aston,and Michael began asking questions if they're single or not and stuff. Luke just sat there smirking at me. As soon as we heard voices coming from the hallway they stopped asking. I told the boys to go change their pjs but Luke and Calum whined like babies" but I'm tired" I just laughed and started taking each of

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