Who are you Xavier Winters?

For those of you who have read 'A Child's Worst Fear' then you know who Xavier Winters is. For those of you who have not read this play of mine I urge you to do so. Unfortunately ACWF is under editing and formatting at the moment; even if its still up its the old version. Anyway this story will dive deeper into the man that is Xavier Winters, it will not be in play form but instead a short story kind of like a prequel.


1. Prolouge: Ice Rink

Prolouge: Ice Rink


Xavier Winters sat on a park bench in the cold Boston winter. He was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive so they could begin their date...being with her made Xavier feel normal-or as normal as he could be. The thought of losing her rarely crossed his demented mind; but when it did bloody images of her laying on the ground comforted his fears of her leaving him forever; only he could control when and if she did that. Taylor Morris rounded the corner out of Xavier's sight. She was nervous that day because she had been faced with a horrid ultimatum that morning. Either break up with Xavier; or lose all hope of going to her dream college; away from her parents and away from the crappy city of Boston. For tourists, Boston was amazing, filled with history and wonder-for a native it was full of boring stories, booze, and murders. Taylor clutched her skates close to her as she sat down next to her soon to be ex boyfriend. She knew he was dangerous-she knew of his mental condition. She knew he was damaged beyond repair. Yet here she was, breaking up with him in the open, filled with sharp dangerous objects. She bent down to tie her skates and as she did she stared speaking to him,


"Xavier, my father wishes me to break up with you."


"Did you comply or have you thought of doing so?"


"I have."


"Did you..."


"Xavier I don't think its wise for me to date a psychopath."


"What do you mean?"


"What I mean is that we're over. I'm sorry Xavier I can't just sit around and see when you'll snap. Or who will suffer when you do."



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