Who are you Xavier Winters?

For those of you who have read 'A Child's Worst Fear' then you know who Xavier Winters is. For those of you who have not read this play of mine I urge you to do so. Unfortunately ACWF is under editing and formatting at the moment; even if its still up its the old version. Anyway this story will dive deeper into the man that is Xavier Winters, it will not be in play form but instead a short story kind of like a prequel.


2. Chapter One: Beginning

Chapter One: Beginning


When Xavier Winters was born everyone believed he would grow up to a be a genius, to find a cure for any disease. People believed this because little baby Xavier had this glint of knowing in his eyes. He never cried, and he would move his head during a conversation that would lead the speakers to believe he actually understood. Xavier grew abnormally fast as well; which didn't register at all with his current condition-it was just abnormal in his first time mother's eyes. 


When Xavier was five he brought home a baby bird from the park and when his mother went to get a box for it, Xavier took a hammer and pounded the poor bird's head in. His mother came back in to the horrible sight. She had wanted to scold her son; but what really could she do? It had already happened and it wasn't as if the bird was a family pet. But it was gruesome and she was angry that he had done that to an innocent baby. Especially since she was pregnant with his baby sister. She had sent Xavier to his room while she cleaned up the gore on the kitchen table. She should have listened to her husband that night she told him of the bird and sent off to Westford.


Xavier grew into a handsome young man talented in many ways of life. Xavier could paint, sing, dance, play multiple instruments and had a charm about him that made people trust him and like him. It was a part of the deception Xavier enjoyed. He was an odd child, and he had grown into the makings of a monster. When Xavier was fifteen he met the mayor's daughter; Taylor Morris. Like everyone else Taylor was taken by his charm; or his exceedingly lack of charm and poise; he was exactly someone her father wouldn't approve of. Taylor got closer to Xavier and by doing so, exposed her to his erratic emotions, and his need to love someone, and for someone to love him. In Xavier's mind his family didn't love him-his father conspired against him to his mother, and although his mother fought to keep him out of the grasp of the donation funded mental institution that was Westford-all the way in California he couldn't help but feel that she only put up with him because he was her first born. 


To Xavier, having Taylor become close to him was a sign they were meant to be together forever. Of course Taylor was only using him to get at her father. Xavier didn't care about her ulterior motives, he already loved her. He loved everything about her and he would do anything to protect her. Even if it meant killing someone that disrespected her or worse hurt her in unimaginable ways. Although Xavier could imagine all those ways and then some. Xavier asked Taylor out on a date the same day she began talking to him extensively. 


Their relationship was sweet and innocent at first; having no conflicts for Xavier to intervene in. Then rumors started to spread that Taylor was a 'slut' and that she had slept with Xavier on the first date. Of course these rumors were untrue; Taylor didn't like Xavier like that-at least not as of yet. Xavier was more angry than usual one day when he saw Taylor's best friend-Alexandria Green tossing Taylor around. Taunting her so she could fit into the social norm that was high school mean girl. Xavier lashed out at Tommy- Alexandria's boyfriend. Xavier normally cool and collected threw Tommy against the set of lockers behind the two girls. Blood oozed from the boy's head and his nose was crooked. 


"You ass!" Alexandria cried out.


"What? That is a bit hypocritical of you don't you think? You were just throwing Taylor around for no reason. Why can't I throw Tommy around for no reason? She's your best friend you bitch. Just because there are untrue rumors going around about us doesn't give you the right to jump on the band wagon. Best friends are supposed to stand up for their friends not torture them relentlessly to get in with the 'IN' crowd." Xavier helped Taylor up from the floor where Alexandria had pushed her after Xavier bashed Tommy against the lockers. "Come on Taylor. You don't need friends who believe petty rumors."


"Taylor!" Alexandria called.


"Ignore them." Xavier whispered as he continued to guide her through the crowded hallway.


When they were alone, Taylor turned to him.


"Thank you Xavier."


"I merely did what any boyfriend would do. I didn't kill him; and I didn't kill her no matter how much I wanted to."


"Well thank you for not killing them. Thank you for being so sweet and chivalrous, and kind. Thank you for giving me a chance."


"No, thank you for giving me a chance."


Xavier leaned down and placed a sweet kiss upon Taylor's lips before the final bell rang for the last period of the day.


"Wow." they said in unison as they broke away.


"I'll see you later." Xavier whispered, kissing her cheek before disappearing down the hall towards the music room. Leaving a breathless Taylor behind to go study hall. Taylor had a gut wrenching feeling that something was wrong with Xavier; but she chose to ignore it because he had come to her rescue that day; and she was falling in love with him-when she only meant to use him to get to her father. Xavier was sweet, charming, caring, and sensitive. He's a bit over protective but he's her's. He's her knight in shining armor. But she had to ask herself-who are you Xavier Winters? 

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