It's Time

Find Out what happens in, It's Time!!!


4. The Runaway

                Destiny couldn't take it anymore. It had only been 3 days; and she already despised being an orphan. She needed to get out of there....... but HOW??? She really didn't talk to anyone there. But she noticed this one boy that interested her. His name was Camden. The 14th day that  she was there she built up the courage to talk to him. Turns out he actually liked her. So I guess you could say that they were  now "Dating". They talked all the time. No-one wanted to adopt either one of them, because they were teens. Every Day they worked on their plan. There plan to runaway. They were planning on running away to her grandma's house. Since she was the only one who ever cared about her she decided that it might feel cozier. So that's what they did and no one even noticed. They Really Must Not Care................................

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